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1984, Nebraska. In the Carrier Dome

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Q: Did Syracuse football ever beat a number 1 ranked team?
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How many times has clemson beat a number one ranked football team?

Never !

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When did Missouri beat a number one ranked team?


When was the last time that the number one ranked team beat the number two ranked team in the title game?

on December 12 09 2 Alabama beat 1 Florida 33-13 :)

When was the last time Penn State football beat the number one ranked team?

I believe when they beat jimmy Johnson in a bowl game. I think it was the 1987 game. the last time they won the national championship... but i could be wrong.

Why is Johnny Manziel up for the Heisman Trophy?

Because if you took him off Texas A&M, they're not going to win 10 football games or beat the then number one ranked team Alabama.

How many times has a college football team beaten more than one top ranked team in the same year?

Never. The University of South Carolina Gamecocks will be the first. They beat the #1 Ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 35-21 on October 9, 2010 in Columbia. On December 4, 2010, the Gamecocks will beat the #1 Ranked Auburn Tigers and will be the first school to ever beat two #1 ranked teams in the same season.

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Syracuse beat what team in the 2003 men's NCAA basketball championship?

Syracuse beat Kansas, 81-78, in the 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

What were the seminols ranked when Brett Favre beat them?

They were the 6th ranked team in the nation before Brett Favre and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles beat them.

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