Did Sweden football go in to the world cup?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Sweden has failed to qualify for World Cup 2010, but they have reached the final in 1958 when it was on home soil.

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Q: Did Sweden football go in to the world cup?
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How many days does the world cup football go for?

The f.i.F.A world cup goes on for 30 days.

How many players can go to the football world cup?

A country can take 23 players to the World Cup

What was the best team that didn't go to the fifa world cup 2010?

Russia, Sweden

When is next world cup football cup scheduled to be held?

It is held in brazil in 2014, go mexico

What happens if the score is a draw at the end of the world cup football final?

they go in extra time, if still tied they go into penalties

Who is New Zealands football manager?

Phil Warbrick is the manager of the New Zealand football team! Go New Zealand in the world cup 2010!

'bafna bafna' in FIFA World Cup?

Bafna bafna in Zulu means " the boys the boys". It was the nickname given to the South African football team during the world cup. It was meant to be " go boys go boys".

Where can you see footage of Scotland football player murdo mcleod getting knocked out at world cup 1990?

go on youtube and type it in

When were shin guards a legal thing in football?

they became legal in 1987 after the world cup when people used to go in stupid challenges

Which was the first team to go out of the 2010 world cup?

The first team to go out of the world cup was Cameroon.

Why did benzema not go to World Cup 2010?

Karim Benzema did not go to the world cup simply because he was not chosen.

How many teams go to the World Cup?

24 National Teams are in the World Cup.