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No, the Dolphins defeated the Redskins, 14-7, in regulation time.

Through Super Bowl XLIV, no Super Bowl game has gone in overtime.

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Q: Did Super Bowl VII go into overtime?
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When was the last Super Bowl to go to overtime?


Who was the first team to go to three consecutive Super Bowl?

Miami played in Super Bowls VI, VII, and VII and won VII and VIII.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl game that has ended in a tie?

No. A Super Bowl would always be decided by overtime procedures. Football games can never end in a tie. If by the end of the fourth quarter they are tied, then they go into overtime.

What would happen if the Super Bowl ended in a tie?

It would go into overtime and be decided by newly adopted procedures.

What years did the Miami Dolphins go to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins have played in five Super Bowls: Super Bowl VI - lost to Dallas, 24-3 Super Bowl VII - beat Washington, 14-7 Super Bowl VIII - beat Minnesota, 24-7 Super Bowl XVII - lost to Washington, 27-17 Super Bowl XIX - lost to San Francisco, 38-16

Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP

What was the first team to go to three Super Bowls in a row?

The Miami Dolphins, who lost Super Bowl VI to the Dallas Cowboys, but won Super Bowls VII and VIII against the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings, respectively.The Miami Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI to the Dallas Cowboys, but defeated the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowls VII and VIII, respectively.

Can you go to the Super Bowl in madden 11?

Yes, you can in franchise mode and there is also a game mode called super bowl where you go straight to the super bowl. ;)

Did Carolina panther go to the Super Bowl?

yes. super bowl 38

Did the ravens go to the Super Bowl?

2000 Super Bowl Champs vs. the Giants.

When did the Cleveland Browns go to a Super Bowl?

The Browns have never been to the Super Bowl.

Who is the only Super Bowl winning quarterback not to go to the pro bowl?

there was none they choose not to go if they did not go if you are a quarter back and go to the super bowl you are going to be invited to the probowl.,

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