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Q: Did Sir Peter Blake care about the environment?
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Where does Sir Peter Blake live?

Sir Peter Blake was killed by pirates

Where was Sir Peter James Blake born?

Sir Peter James Blake was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

When did sir peter Blake become a sir?


What did sir peter Blake the sailor do ot help the environment?

He saved endangered birds, like the Dotteral.

What are some Sir Peter Blake facts?

Sir Peter James Blake, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Who was sir peter Blake married to?

Lady Pippa Blake

Where did Sir Peter Blake get killed?


What year did Sir Peter Blake die?

Sir Peter Blake, who was born on October 1, 1948 and died on December 5, 2001.

Is sir peter Blake sir Edmund hillarys son?


How did Sir Peter Blake dies?

Sir Peter Blake died when a group of rogues robbed his ship. Sir Peter Blake was a sailor who won many trophies for NZ and contributed greatly in trying to save the environment when he saw how dirty the water he sailed in was.While Sir Peter Blake was passing through the Amazon for an expedition with his crew a group of pirates ambushed them. One of the pirates pointed guns at Sir Peter Blake. Sir Peter Blake rushed down to get a rifle and shot on of the in the hand. However, another pirates host him in a lethal place thus killing him instantly.Everyone who was in the pirate crew was sentenced 32 years of jail and the one who killed Sir Peter Blake was sentenced 36 years of jail. That was a small price to pay for one of NZ's greatest hero's of all time.

How did Sir Peter Blake die?

If you mean Sir Peter Blake, the artist who designed the Beatles' Seargent Pepper's Album cover, then the answer is he is still alive.

Was sir peter Blake the sailor colorblind?


Where did Sir Peter Blake first raced?


Who were the parents of Sir Peter Blake?

Brian and Joyce

Where did Sir Peter Blake live?

he lived in Auckland

Where did Sir Peter Blake used to live?


Where did sir peter Blake grow up?

in london

Where did Sir Peter Blake first live?

In the womb.

How did sir peter Blake become a leader?


Was sir peter Blake was going to antaca a dream?


When did sir peter Blake die?

Sir Peter Blake died on the 6th December 2001 aged 53 years,2 months and 5 days.

Who inspired sir peter Blake to do yachting?

Mainly his father

Who is Sir Peter Blakes wife?

Lady Pippa Blake

How old is Sir Peter Blake's children?

they were 14, 16,12

What was Sir Peter Blake like?

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