Did Serena Williams loose her foot?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Did Serena Williams loose her foot?
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Why is Serena Williams not in 2010 US Open tennis?

Serena Williams was unable to play in 2010 as she had injured her foot and had undergone surgery, from which she is still recovering.

What is the birth name of Serena Williams?

Serena Williams's birth name is Serena Jameka Williams.

Is Serena Williams a lesbian?

No, Serena Williams is not a lesbian. She is married to a man.

What is the saddest moment in Serena Williams' life?

she told her foot surgery as her scariest moment in life

What is Serena Williams's full name?

Serena Jameka Williams

What is Serena Williams full name?

* Lyndrea * Isha * Yetunde * Venus

What do Serena Williams sisters do?

Serena Williams's sister, Venus Williams, plays tennis.

Who is Serena Williams' oldest sister?

Serena Williams oldest sister is venus williams.

What are hobbies of Serena Williams?

Serena Williams hobbies was to play tennis