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Yes. I was there !!

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Q: Did Sandy koufax pitch a perfect game?
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Did Sandy Koufax ever pitch a no hitter?

Sandy Koufax pitched four no-hitters, one of them being a perfect game. He threw no-hitters in 1962, 1963, and 1964 and threw his perfect game in 1965.

Has sandy koufax pitched a perfect game?

Yes. Koufax threw a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs on September 9, 1965 winning 1-0. The game was a record setter as the Cubs pitcher, Bob Hendley, pitched a one-hitter and the one hit by both teams is the fewest combined hits allowed in a game in MLB history.

Who had a 1 complete game in game 7 in world series?

Sandy Koufax,and Bob Gibson

What were the most strikeouts sandy koufax had in one season?

Sandy Koufax' highest strikeout total for a single season was 382, in 1965.

Who was the last player to get a hit off of Sandy Koufax?

Davey Johnson.The last hit off of Sandy Koufax was a single by Baltimore Orioles 2nd baseman Davey Johnson in the 6th inning of Game 2 of the 1966 World Series. Koufax and the Dodgers lost the game, 6-0.

When and where did baseball player Sandy Koufax play?

Sandy Koufax was born on December 30, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York.

What do Torborg and Lasorda have in common?

Their baseball lives were affected by Sandy Koufax. Lasorda, a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, was sent to the minors in 1955 so that the team could keep bonus baby Koufax on the bench. As for Torborg, he was the catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers when Koufax pitched a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs on Sept. 9, 1965.

Did Sandy Koufax ever win a World Series?

1 perfect game (September 9, 1965 against the Chicago Cubs) and 3 no-hitters (June 30, 1962 against the New York Mets, May 11, 1963 against the San Francisco Giants, and June 4, 1964 against the Philadelphia Phillies).

At what age did Sandy Koufax retire from baseball?

Former MLB pitcher Sandy Koufax is 82 years old (birthdate December 30, 1935).

What MLB player sat out a World Series game because of religious reasons?

Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers refused to pitch Game 1 of the 1965 World Series (October 6) because it was being played during Yom Kippur.

What mlb record does the pitcher of game 123 in 1969 still hold?

sady koufax world series perfect game

How many times in his career did Sandy Koufax strike out 10 or more batters in a single game?

97 times, as best as I can tell.