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Q: Did Ryan Lochte ever beat Michael Phelps?
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Who is Ryan Letch?

The loser who cant beat Michael Phelps

What year did Michael Phelps beat mark spits medal record?

Michael Phelps bet Mark Spits at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Who is trying to beat Mark Spitz record this year?


What animal could beat Michael Phelps world record?

No animal could beat Michael Phelps' world record in swimming, as animals do not compete in Olympic events. Michael Phelps is a highly skilled and trained athlete, and his world records are a result of his years of training, dedication, and natural talent.

Why was it that Michael Phelps was called the worlds greatest Olympian before he even beat Mark Spitz's seven gold medals record?

Michael H. Phelps

Who did Michael Phelps beat to earn the most gold medals in Olympic history?

Mark Spitz

How many countries' total medal count did Michael Phelps beat?

10 if your talking in golds only.

How many medals did Michael Phelps won in total?

He about beat the record for most medals. He only needs 3 to beat. He is expected to dominate it in London

Michael Phelps is predicted to win how many gold medals at the 2008 Summer Games?

8, that's how he beat Mark Spits

Who were Michael Phelps role models growing up?

Michael Phelps sisters were both competitive swimmers who introduced him to swimming at age 7 as an outlet for ADHD.Additionally, according to the Wikipedia article on Phelps... "Phelps idolized Australian Ian Thorpe as a teenager, modeling his public image after Thorpe, and later watched videos to try to emulate the Aussie's famous six-beat underwater dolphin kick off the turns"Most likely it was Mark Spitz.

What is Olympics mark spitz famous for?

Winning the most gold medals in the olympics. That is, until Michael Phelps came along and beat his record.

Who would win in a swimming match Michael phelps or Mark Spitz?

There is not a good answer to this question. Unless, you give a specific event that you want to know about. Because Michael did beat Spitz's record in '08. But they, for the most part are equal competitors!