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According to Baseball Almanac, Guidry played two games in center field for the Yankees, one in 1979 and one in 1983.

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Q: Did Ron Guidry ever play center field for the New York Yankees?
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What method did the New York Yankees use to acquire pitcher Ron Guidry?

To acquire the pitching potential of Ron Guidry, the New York Yankees selected him in the third round of the free agent draft.

Who was the New York Yankees 11th captain?

Ron Guidry. He was captain from 1986-1989

When and where did baseball player Ron Guidry play?

Ron Guidry debuted on July 27, 1975, playing for the New York Yankees at Shea Stadium; he played his final game on September 27, 1988, playing for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium II.

What was the height of New York Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry?

Ron Guidry stood five feet nine inches. This exceptional for most major league pitchers.

What position does Curtis Granderson play?

Curtis Granderson plays center field for the New York Yankees.

What role did New York Yankee pitcher Ron Guidry play briefly when he was called up to the majors?

Ron Guidry was brought up from the Yankees in 1976 as the number 2 left hand reliever behind Sparky Lyle. As it was, the Yankees shuttled Guidry back and forth from the Bronx often in 1975 and 1976.

What position did number 5 play for the New York Yankees?

The number 5 was retired by the Yankees in honor of Joe DiMaggio. He played center field.

Which New York Yankees pitching record did Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry break in 1978?

Ron Guidry had 248 strikeouts in the 1978 season. This broke the single season record set by New York Yankee Jack Chesbro who had 439 in 1906.

Who was the center fielder for the New York Yankees in 1981?

Jerry Mumphrey played 79 games in center field for the 1981 New York Yankees. Dave Winfield played 29 games. Bobby Brown played 11 games.

Who is the New York Yankees center fielder?

Currently, the Yankees center fielder is Brett Gardner. When Curtis Granderson was injured in the spring of 2013, Gardner took over the center field position. Since Granderson returned from the disabled list, he has played both left and right field.

Who is Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees?

Brett Gardner currently plays the outfield position for the New York Yankees. Brett can play both left and center field positions. He is also an extremely fast base runner.

How many New York Yankees won the Cy Young award?

New York Yankees Cy Young Award WinnersThere have been 5 Yankees that won the Cy Young AwardBob Turley - 1958Whitey Ford - 1961Sparky Lyle - 1977Ron Guidry - 1978Roger Clemens - 2001