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Yes, between 1996 and 2000.

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Q: Did Rio Ferdinand play for West Ham?
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Who has played for man you and west ham?

It could be Rio Ferdinand and Paul Ince.

Who played for both Leeds United and West Ham United?

Rio Ferdinand.

Who played for West Ham and now plays Premier League football?

Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Anton Ferdinand, Carlos Tevez, Bobby Zamora and Micheal Carrick.

Who has played for west ham and man utd?

I'm guessing there'll be a few in the history books, but two off the top my head are Rio Ferdinand and Paul Ince.

Which team does Rio Ferdinand play for?

Manchester United.

Who is Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand (born November 7, 1978 in Denmark Hill) is an English footballer who plays for Manchester United. He has previously played for West Ham United, Bournemouth, and Leeds United. Ferdinand made 81 appearances for the senior England national team between 1997 and 2011, scoring 3 goals.

Who did Rio Ferdinand play for before Manchester Utd?

Rio Ferdinand played for Leeds United before playing for Manchester United.

What team does Rio Ferdinand play for?

England and Manchester united

What is the birth name of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand's birth name is Rio Gavin Ferdinand.

Which of these Manchester united players have never previously played for west ham Michael carrick Wayne Rooney and rio Ferdinand?

It was Wayne Rooney he played with Everton before he played with Manchester United

Which brothers have played in premiership?

Gary and Phil Neville both spent many years playing in the same Manchester United side, and Rio and Anton Ferdinand have played against each other before, Rio at Man United and Anton at West Ham.

What relation are Rio and Anton Ferdinand?

Rio and Anton Ferdinand are brothers.

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