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No, Michel came around long after the game had been invented and had nothing to do with it.

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Q: Did Rinus Michel invent American football?
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Who is the greatest ever football manager?

Rinus Michels

Who was the inventor of football?

Walter Camp is called the 'Father of American Football'. Click on the Walter Camp link on this page to read about him. Walter Camp is actually credited with inventing football. He was a former player & coach at Yale and developed the basic rules by combining soccer with rugby. Rinus Michel was the inventor/creator of total football or the use of all 11 men on each play. In the early stages of football if a play went left only the players on that side would participate. Though Camp developed the idea without Michel, football would not be what it is today. Answer walter camp is the true inventer of football

Which team is known for total football at world cup finals?

The Netherlands were known for the style of play, commonly known as 'total football', when they appeared in the 1974 World Cup. Managed by Rinus Michel, the brains behind the team, and captained by Johan Cruyff, they played an entertaining style of football which impressed everyone watching at the time.

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