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Q: Did Richard Petty's parents die if so then when?
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Did Charles Dickens parents die?

Charles Dickens is no longer alive so yes his parents did die.

Did Princess Rosalina's parents die?

Yes, so did her brother

How did count olaf's parents die?

It is believed that the Baudelaire parents had poisonous darts of which Count Olaf's parents had died from. So the conclusion is that the Baudelaire parents had killed Olaf's parents so for revenge Olaf killed the Baudelaire parents which left the Baudelaire to be orphans. Does that answer your question?

Do with their death bury their parents' strife?

I guess it means that after their parents die they can't take over the responsibilities so they forget about it.

Who are Spider-Man's parents?

They are Richard and Mary Parker. They have many stories on their deaths so to save time, go to Wikipedia and search.

How did princess peach's parents die?

Actually, I don't think they died. Their parents are both Mushrooms. They've been is some DS games, so they didn't die.

In The Secret Garden how did Mary Lennox's parents die?

From the chloera and so did her Ayah and the other servants.

How did Simon bolivar's parents die?

Simon Bolivar's parents died from a burnt down house. Bolivar was at school at the time so he was not injured.

Can a foster child get an estate after their foster parents die?

A foster child have no birth right after their foster parents so it's only if they are mentioned in the will.

How did shadows parents die?

when shadow was born his parents took a trip to california and the died of a plane crash so sad but thats the truth

Did Christina Aguilera's Mother Die?

No i dont think so because christinas parents divorced when she was very young so No :)

How did Applejack's parents die in My Little Pony?

It is not known. So far it has only been implied in the series that Applejack's parents are dead. No details are available.

Did Williams parents die?

You mean, did William Shakespeare's parents die? I hope so, because if they didn't they'd be about 500 years old now. Anyway we know when they died: his father died in 1600 and his mother in 1608.

When and how did ponyboys parents die?

His parents died in a Car Wreck (they called it a Automobile Wreck in the book) i cant remember when but it was in the last year or so of when the book was set

Who's parents Edward Cullen?

None of the books say who Edwards parents are, all they say is that Edwards parents died before him, then Edward was about to die, so carlisle changed him because he was like a son.

How did undertakers parents die?

undertaker brother Kane killed them when undertaker and Kane were smaal so sad

Where did Joan of Arc's parents die?

It is believed her mother survived her death- and was alive around l432 or so.

How did Alex Rider's parents die?

They died in a plane crash. It said so at the beginning of the book in stormbreaker.

How did Richard Wagner's father die?

Wilhelm Richard Wagner's father died from typhoid fever. Wilhelm was only six months old at the time, so he thought his stepfather, Ludwig Geyer was his biological father.

Did Richard Harris' character die in most of his films?

not at all, he was great in " Cromwell" , he did die in "Orca" ( deservedly so after killing the baby whale!)He was in Cassandra Crossing, among many others.

When did Steve Redgrave's parents die?

I don't know ha ha ha! so try some where else

Why did Richard III kill the princes?

i think that Richard killed the princes to get him out of the picture so he wont interfere so Richard can kill the king so Richard can be the kind and hes a murder any way and hes selfish and ruthless.

Did any of Harriet tubman's parents die?

After Harriet got sold to another slave owner, she never sees her parents again so nobody knows. she didnt even know

Can you die because video games?

Sure, why not? well sure you can die if you get so addicted into your game and then maybe just maybe your parents might take away your video games, so you get so mad you want to die. but usually no, you dont die from video games. <in my opinion, sure you can die but if you choose to be that way and do that>

What do the parents lose in the veldt?

The parents lose their own lives. Since the children don't want to nursery to be shut down they create hate towards their parents. In the story Peter says he want his dad to die, and so the kids set up their parents to go into the room, then lock them in and let the lions eat them. The children could imagine what they wanted so the imagined the lions feeding of their parents.