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No, he was drafted in 1998 by the Minnesota Vikings.

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Q: Did Randy Moss play college football in 2003?
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Was Byron leftwich and randy moss in college at the same time?

No. Moss came out in 1998, and Leftwich came out in 2003.

What year did Randy Moss play football in?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

How much did Randy Moss make playing football in 2003?

$ 5,087,264 including bonuses according to USA Today

In what year did randy moss start playing football?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

What is randy moss's degree in?

Randy Moss did not get a college degree. He left Marshall University after his sophmore season.

Did randy moss get a basketball scholarship?

He wasn't interested in playing college basketball. And only wanted to play football for Notre Dame

What team does randy moss play for now?

Randy Moss announced his retirement before the 2011 National Football League season.

How tall and how much did randy moss weigh in college?

According to the Huntington Quarterly, Randy Moss was 6'4"-6'5", 210 lbs during his college days.

What is the name of all the patriots football?

randy moss and others

Does Randy have a brother?

Randy Moss was one of the most impressive football players of his time. The Moss family tradition can carry on through his brother Eric.

What college coach signed randy moss?

Jim Donan

What is Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

The Vikings have been his team but mainly because of Randy Moss. Now that Randy Moss is no longer with them, he wouldn't classify them as his team anymore. Wherever Randy Moss is, that's where his support lies.