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Q: Did Pepe Reina ever scored a goal for Liverpool?
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Has insua ever scored for Liverpool in premier league?


Has Jermaine Pennant ever scored an own goal?

Yes. FOR Man U, as a Liverpool player

Who scored first ever goal for Liverpool at wembley stadium?

At The New Wembley Stadium Martin Skrtel,There have been 5 goals Scored at the new Wembley by Liverpool they wre scored by Martin Skrtel,Dirk Kuyt,Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll Scored Twice at Wembley)

Who has scored the most English Premier League goals ever?

lucas for Liverpool lol but seriously its alen shearer

Did Ngog ever scored 2 goals in one game for Liverpool?

Yes- In The Europa League- Against Skopje

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Who scored the furthest ever goal at anfield Liverpool?

Xabi AlonsoIn the 2-0 victory against NewCastle on 20 Sept 2006

Did Michael Owen ever score for Liverpool at Old Trafford?

I think he scored against Man Utd in a 1-1 draw in 1998.

What the most he ever scored in a game in his career?

who ever scored?

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool in the premiership EVER?

50 (my boyfriends name is Justin Torres lol) hope i helped!!!♥

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Who scored Liverpool's first ever premier league goal?

Following a 1-0 loss in their first Premier League game away at Nottingham Forest, Mark Walters scored Liverpool's first ever Premier League goal at home against Sheffield United on 19-Aug-1992 to equalise a Brian Deane goal. Paul Stewart scored the winning goal in the second half for a 2-1 victory.

Have Liverpool ever the cococola championship?


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Who has scored most goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals ever with over 1200 goals.

Did Liverpool ever win the premir league?

liverpool never won the premir league

Which player scored the first ever Premier League goal to be screened live on TV?

Teddy Sheringham, in Nottingham Forest's 1-0 win over Liverpool in August 1992.

Have Liverpool ever won the premier league?


Have Liverpool ever lost to Barcelona?

no never

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Did Roy Keane ever play for Liverpool?


How old was Bobby Orr when he scored his first goal ever?

bobby or was 10 when he scored his firs goal ever!!

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Who has scored the most own goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals