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the original

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Q: Did Novak Djokovic get the replica or the original big trophy at Wimbledon?
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Does the winner of the mens Wimbledon final keep the trophy or does he get a replica?

He gets the replica.

Does the Wimbledon winner get to keep the trophy?

No, they receive a smaller replica of it to keep.

What is the Wimbledon trophy made of?

The Wimbledon trophy is made of sterling silver.

Does each winner of the world cup keep the trophy?

No. They get a gold plated replica, FIFA keeps the original.

Does the winner of Wimbledon Tennis singles actually get to keep the Cup and if not is his name inscribed on it?

The winner does not get to keep the trophy they get a smaller replica of it to keep and they do print the winners names on it.

Is there a replica of the Stanley cup?

Yes. In fact, there are two replicas. The original (the 1892 bowl part) is kept in a safe (opened to the public during visiting hours) at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. There are two copies of the trophy (with a replica of the original 1892 part and several additions). One is called the 'presentation trophy' and the other the 'replica trophy'. The replica is put on display at the Hall of Fame when the presentation trophy is either in the possession of the Stanley Cup winning team, or at a function or event outside of the hall.

Where can you buy a miniature replica of vince lombardi trophy?

Replica such as this can be found on Ebay.

Where can you get replica nba championship trophy?


Does the French Open champion get to keep the trophy?

No, they receive a smaller replica of the trophy

Why do they bite the Wimbledon trophy?

This is not a Wimbledon tradition. Rafael Nadal, 2008 Wimbledon Champion, bites his trophies after he wins.

What is the fruit on the men's singles Wimbledon trophy?

== == A pineapple

Is the Wimbledon Trophy real gold?

It is not real gold.

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