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he never went to jail and he did win his title back

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Q: Did Muhammad Ali win his title back after getting out of jail?
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How did Muhammad Alis jail time affect his boxing career?

He had had his boxing title removed. He did get this title back, but he had to fight for it. Their is no record of Muhammad Ali ever having to spend more than few -hours- incarcerated. The above -answer- is "stingy" and "dingy" -as well-

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Did mohamed ali ever go to jail?

He was sentenced to 5 years in jail, but appealed the conviction and never served a day in jail. He lose 3 plus years of being inactive during the prime of his boxing career. He did go to jail for 10 days when he was caught "driving without a license."

Was Muhammad ali in jail at all for refusing to go to the army?


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Muhammad Ali

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