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Mickey Mantle Uniform Numbers

No. Mickey Mantle was issued uniform number 6 as a rookie in 1951. After a bad start Mickey was sent down to the minors. When Mickey was called back up to the Yankees that same year, he was issued number 7 for good.

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Q: Did Mickey Mantle ever wear number five?
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Which players wore the number five for the New York Yankees before Mickey Mantle?

Mantle wore #7, DiMaggio wore #5.

Who hit the baseball the farthest?

Mickey Mantle hit the baseball the farthest at five hundred and twenty seven feet

Who hit five hundred thirty six career home runs on the Yankees team?

Mickey Mantle 536 Home RunsWhen Mickey Mantle retired he was third on the all time list for Home runs with 536 behind Babe Ruth 714, and Willie Mays 583.

Who are the top five MVP winners as New York Yankees?

Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris and Alex Rodriguez.

List of players with the most World Series home runs?

Here are the career leaders in World Series homers:1. Mickey Mantle (12 Series appearances) -- 182. Babe Ruth (10 Series appearances) -- 153. Yogi Berra (14 Series appearances) -- 124. Duke Snider (six Series appearances) -- 115. Lou Gehrig (seven Series appearances) -- 10Reggie Jackson (five Series appearances) -- 107. Joe DiMaggio (10 Series appearances) -- 8Frank Robinson (five Series appearances) -- 8Bill Skowron (eight Series appearances) -- 8

What is the home run record in worldseries?

The career record is 18, set by Mickey Mantle in 1964. The record for one series is five, jointly held by Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley.

What is a five finger marching Mickey Mouse worth?

.50 Five Fingered Mickey Mouse are very collectable and worth more than 50 cents. As are Mickey Mouse with teeth.

What are the names of the five layers of the earth?

The five layers of the earth are the crust, upper mantle, lower mantle and the outer and inner core.

Why didn't Mickey Mantle start in game 5 of the 1957 World Series?

In the previous game he hurt his shoulder diving into second base on a pickoff attempt. Milwaukee infielder Red Schoendeinst had to dive for the ball and he fell on Mantle's shoulder. Mickey completed the game but couldnt bat or field and was scratched for game five., The Braves won 1-0 and went on to win the series.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle pin?

There were many Mickey Mantle pins that have been made over the years. One of the most collected of ballplayer's Mickey Mantle pins sell anywhere from $10. - $500.The rarest, and most expensive Mickey mantle pin is the 1952 Mickey Mantle Fan Club celluloid pin. With fewer than five known examples this pin sells in the price range of $7,000. - $12,000.The Mickey Mantle Fan Club pin holds the record at auction for any postwar baseball celluloid, when Barry Halper's example sold for $12,650 in the famous Halper auction in 1999 (Lot #1546). The pin was available for a very short time by mail only to members of Mickey Mantle's fan club very early in his career. The 1 1/4" pin featuring a black, and white Picture of the Young New York Yankees super Star, surrounded by Mickey Mantle Fan Club.The most popular pins are the PM10 Stadium Photo Pins. These Souvenir pins were commonly sold at baseball Stadiums from 1947 -1966. some came with an attached ribbon, or and Bat, ball, and glove Charms. A Mickey Mantle PM10 pin which comes in 7 different variations sell between $50.- $300. The most common size for these pins is 1 3/4 " pictures the ballplayer in black & white with different color background, and the players name on the bottom.The Mickey Mantle pins with the least value are the "A Day to Remember" pins that can be easily bought on eBay for about $5. I suspect that these pins are reproductions because there are too many pins on the market in mint condition.Honorable mention, the 1956 Mickey Mantle Yellow Basepath pins. These green pins with yellow base paths have the facsimile signature of the respective ballplayer at the bottom. The pins were made available in gumball machines in 1956 for a penny. The Mickey Mantle pin in excellent - near/mint condition sells for about $500.For more information on these and other pins see Related links below.

What New York Yankee executive gave the final approval of Mickey Mantle's starting salary of seven thousand and five hundred dollars?

General Manager George Weiss approved Casey Stengel's opinion on Mantle's salary in 1951. This was done on the train trip to Washington DC.

Five best baseball players of the 20th century?

1. Ty Cobb 2. Joe DiMaggio 3. Ted Williams 4. Mickey Mantle 5. Willie Mays/Hank Aaron/Cy Young

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