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Q: Did Michelle Kwan wear her hair in a ponytail?
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How did they wear their hair when they played sports?

in a ponytail

How can you wear your hair in volleyball?

I'd just wear a ponytail or a messy bun with a headband, if you're going for a bit of a sporty edge. If you want to look pretty but tough, wear your hair down, or a low- side ponytail.

Does hair grow in a ponytail at night?

NO! It will actually damage your hair. Do not wear your hair in a ponytail at night. Especially if your hair is still wet. Even if it is dry though, you are damaging your hair by wearing it up at night.....

What is a good way to wear your hair while playing softball?

In a ponytail

Why bull fighters wear ponytail?

so there hair doesn't get tangeld

Did john Adams wear a ponytail?

Possibly. The paintings of him show long hair, but it is hard to tell if there is a ponytail. The style of the time was a ponytail so it is possible he had one.

Did James Monroe have a ponytail?

no James Monroe did not wear a wig his hair was brown and he wore it back in a ponytail.

I'm going to a summer camp two weeks from now and I would like to know what is the best way to wear a ponytail if you have shoulder lengh hair with bangs?

Some ways to style your hair would be: Having a side ponytail. Curling your ponytail. Having a loose ponytail. Braiding your ponytail.

What is a good way to wear your hair for cheerleading tryouts?

In a ponytail, maybe with a ribbon

How should you wear your hair to a pool party?

I would probably wear mine in a cute high ponytail.

How do you wear your hair if you wear a hat?

it all depends on the hat if it is a ballcap wear a ponytail if its a fancy hat wear your hair down straighten curly or natrully its up to you really

What should you do in a science lab?

you should put your hair in a ponytail and wear safety clothes