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well yes he loved to play basket ball and base ball when he was a kid I think

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โˆ™ 2011-05-04 17:45:20
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Q: Did Michael Phelps play any sports beside swimming?
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What sports did Michael Phelps play professionally?


Why Michael Phelps' mother put him in swimming?

Both of his older sisters were in swimming an Michael was very fit and energetic. When he was eleven he met Bob Bowman who knew that Michael would excel dramatically and so then he quit all the other sports he was in and began swimming.

Who is the most famous sports figures now?

Michael phelps

Who is the most popular ahtlete in Baltimore sports history?

Michael Phelps

Any famous sports person who were shy when they were young?

Michael Phelps

Who was some kids that play sports that used to do drugs?

Michael phelps

Who are the worlds top 100 sports persons?

- Michael Jordan - Michael phelps - babe Ruth

The most popular sports stars of 2008?

Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt.

Who is the most incredible sportsperson in the world?

The most incredible sports person in the world will be based on a matter of opinion. The sports persons hould be well rounded in numerous types of sports or should have one many titles in the sport they are in, like Michael Phelps in swimming.

What is Michael Phelps favorite movie?

His favorite Sports movie is Miracle..he said that in an interview.

Where does Michael Phelps attend college?

Michael Phelps went to the University of Michigan, studying sports marketing and management. He wasn't allowed on the school team because of his professional status, but he helped out.

Why did Michael Phelps want to be a swimmer?

Because Bob Bowman was a genius that relalized Michael had the perfect body. Michael accepted Bob's offer, like a sports genius.

What are the drugs that use for sports?

Well, a lot of athletes illegally use steroids (barry bond), or marijuana(michael phelps)

Who is the best player in sports in swimming?

Michael Phelps because he has won many more medals than anybody in his sport. but his spotlight is dying and he is getting old.. other people are getting faster.... he was beat like twice already since then....

Where did Michael Phelps graduate college?

Between 2004 and 2008, Phelps attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying sports marketing and management. He hasn't graduated yet.

What sports do Michael Schumacher play other than formula 1?

Soccer, tennis, swimming, skiing

Tell meabout someone in the media that involves water sports or activities?

Michael Phelps just won Sports Illustrated Athlete of the year. He is receiving a lot of media attention.

How does being a christan help Michael Phelps to be a better sports person?

Yes it does it drives him to try to be a better person and to be a better role modle.

Who is going to be in the Olympics this year?

We don't know all of them yet, but heres a couple:Swimming:-Michael Phelps-Ryan Lochte-Jessica Hardy-Allison SchmittJust to name a few, thanks for asking. Sorry I don't know much, not into sports, just swimming:) Actually just got done with watching the olympic trials: swimming!XOXO, MaddyMay1292

Which sports are Olympic sports?

archery and swimming

Who are the ten most famous sports figures in the world in 2008?

first of all it is Michael phelps,abhinav bindra,rafeal nadal,ricky ponting

What sports do Australia do will in?


What sports are played in a pool?

Typically swimming sports...

Which sports are practiced in water?

Swimming, diving, synchronize swimming

Which sports player has the most trophies?

For the Olympics its Micheal Phelps