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His last race was a relay and his team won.

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Q: Did Michael Johnson lose his last race?
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Who won the race before the last Sunday?

Jimmie Johnson

Why was Michael Johnson disqualified in the 4x400 relay race?

Two of his team were drug cheats - Pettigrew and Young. Michael Johnson gave his medal up because he said it wasn't won fairly.

When did Michael Phelps last lose a race?

He most recent lost was to Paul Biedermann of Germany in the 200 meter Freestyle at the Rome World Championships. He lost gold by more that a second.

Which gp did Michael Schumacher win last?

Michael Schumacher's last win was at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2006, his third last race before he retired.

Do only fat people get cramps?

No. Athletes get cramps. Take Michael Johnson; big giant cramp in the middle of his race.

When was Michael Andretti's last race in his Formula 1 career?

Michael Andretti's last race in his Formula 1 career was on September 12, 1993. It was the Pioneer Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. He started 9th and finished 3rd.

What race is Michael early?

What race is Michael? African American.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a race in 2010 and what was the race?

2014 - Brad Keselowski 2013 - Matt Kenseth 2012 - Tony Stewart 2011 - Carl Edwards 2010 - Jimmie Johnson 2009 - Kyle Busch 2008 - Carl Edwards 2007 - Jimmie Johnson 2006 - Jimmie Johnson 2005 - Jimmie Johnson

Has usain bolt lose a race before?

ya he lose to juan Camargo in a race

When was the last Daytona 500?

The last Daytona 500 was on February 24, 2013 and was won by Jimmie Johnson. This is the first race of every new Nascar Cup Series season.

Does Balto lose at the race?

Balto wins the race.

What was Brian Johnson's first race car?

this is brian Johnson himself, and my first race car was a old ferrari 330 p4