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Q: Did Magic Johnson ever foul out of an NBA game?
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How many times has Ervin Magic Johnson foul out of a game in his NBA career?


What was Magic Johnson's ppg in his career?

Magic Johnson's career points per game average in the NBA was 19.5.

What are the release dates for Bloomberg Game Changers - 2010 Magic Johnson?

Bloomberg Game Changers - 2010 Magic Johnson was released on: USA: 2012

Is Kobe Bryant better than magic Johnson?

Kobe Bryant is the best Laker and arguably the best to ever play the game of basketball. Kobe is a much better scorer than magic ever was. Kobe is 5th on the all time scoring record and magic is not even on it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Put Magic in Your Game - 1989?

The cast of Put Magic in Your Game - 1989 includes: Magic Johnson as himself

How many assists did Magic Johnson have in the NBA?

Magic Johnson tallied 10,141 total assists in his career, an average of 11.2 per game

Did Larry bird and magic Johnson ever play each other in a basketball game before the 1979 NCAA championship?

No, they never played against each other until that game in 1979.

What was magic Johnson famous for?

what was magic johnson famous for???Have great Slam Dunks duting the game.

Did Michael Jordan ever foul out of a pro basketball game?


How many game winning shots did Magic Johnson make?


Why is magic Johnson called magic?

The night before any major game the Lakers had Earvin Johnson would help put the team's minds at ease by performing a magic show. This was a good way to calm everyones nerves and the name then just stuck with him. He also formally changed his name to Magic Johnson.That, or it was his passing, dribbling skills, and ball-handling technique that won him the nickname "Magic."Read more at magic-johnson

What is the most assists made by magic Johnson in a game?

I think his assist record for the play of is 24 in a game.

What is the record of assists in an NBA game?

magic Johnson made 37 assists in 1 nba game

True or False Magic Johnson holds the record for assists in a game?


What contribution did Magic Johnson make to society?

Magic Johnson has made contributions to the game of basketball by being an unofficial ambassador. He has also donated much time and money to benefit disadvantage youth.

How did Magic Johnson get his nickname?

The nickname "Magic" was given to Earvin Johnson by a sportswriter, who saw the 15-year-old basketball play in a high school game. He made 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists, and did it so beautifully that the journalist referred to him as "Magic" Johnson. The name -- and the prowess on the court -- stuck.

How many points did ervin magic Johnson score in his first nba game?


Who is more famous Magic Johnson or Sonic the Hedgehog?

obviously sonic, hes been apart of every boys video game experiance. Hes a personal favorite of mine. But I did sleep with magic Johnson.

What impact did Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have in the 1979 NCAA championship game?

Are you kidding me??? That was one of the best NCAA Championship games I have ever seen... That was the first time the basketball world had ever seen the "Alley-Oop"... Magic Johnson and Greg Kelser shocked the nation when they performed this magnificent ground breaking manuever in which the basketball is just simply thrown towards the area of the rim where the recipient jumps as though he's going for the rebound, then magically catches the basketball and slam dunks it... I'm not exactly sure how many points were scored by Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird... Heck, I was in the Seventh grade when I saw that game... So... I guess I really didn't answer your question... Sorry!!!... Michigan State won the game!!!...

When did magic Johnson play?

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson played in the NBA between 1979/80 - 1990/91. He came back for a 32 game stint in the 1995/96 season, before he retired for good.

How did magic Johnson become famous?

Magic johnson became famous when he scored 36 points 16 rebounds and 16 assist in one single highschool basketball game. Magic johnson ended up in the NBA where he was drafted to the LA Lakers and won many chanpionships and many all star awards aswell

How do you get a foul in a cricket game?

There is not anythng such as foul in the game of cricket.

Has Michigan state ever won a championship game?

Yes, Michigan State has won 2 national championships. One in 1979 with Magic Johnson as a player and again in 2000 with Tom Izzo as their head coach.

What is the most points magic Johnson has scored in a single game?

46 points on 12/23/86

What NBA team was magic Johnson first played against?

The clippers. Game winning shot by Kareem