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No, In was Zenit versus Glasgow Rangers

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Q: Did Lyon Fc and Manchester United Fc versus in the Uefa cup 2008?
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Who played Manchester United Feb 21st 2008?

Manchester United had no fixture on the 21st of February in 2008. They played Olympique Lyon in the Champions League on the 20th of February and Newcastle United in the Premier League on the 23rd of February.

When did Elinor Lyon die?

Elinor Lyon died in 2008.

The top 10 best soccer teams?

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What are some soccer teams in Europe?

They are Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid , Barcelona, A.C.Milan , Juventus, Glasgow Rangers, Celtic, Porto , Benfica and Lyon and P.S.G.

What is Lyon and Lyon Calcutta?

Lyon and Lyon of Calcutta [India] were retailers of sporting/outdoor equipment including firearms, many of which were imported from Britain and the United States.

What are the top ten soccer league championship winning sides worldwide?

It is real Madrid, Manchester United, Ajax, Rangers, A.C. Milan, F.C.Porto, Bayern Munich, Santos, Boco Juniors and Lyon.

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The 10 richest clubs are Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Bayer n Munich, Lyon.

Which are the teams selected for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League 2010?

Manchester United, Arsenal, Lyon, Inter Milan, C.S.K. Moscow, Bayern Munich have have all gone through Two games still remain.

What French football team won the French league in 2008?

The winner in 2008 was Lyon.

When did Vicky Lyon die?

Vicky Lyon died on November 1, 2008, in Grass Valley, California, USA of cancer.

What team won french league in 2008?

Lyon won the French League championships in 2008.

Premierships most expensive transfer?

Rank, Name, From, To, Price, 1. Fernando Torres, Liverpool To Chelsea, £50m. 2. Andy Carroll, Newcastle United To Liverpool £35m. 3. Robinho, Real Madrid To Manchester City, £32.5m. 4. Andrei Shevchenko, AC Milan To Chelsea, £30.8m. 5. Dimitar Berbatov, Tottenham To Manchester United, £30.75m. 6. Rio Ferdinand, Leeds United to Manchester United, £29.1m. 7. Juan Sebastian Veron, Lazio To Manchester United, £28.1m. 8. Edin Dzeko, Wolfsburg To Manchester City, £27m. 9. Wayne Rooney, Everton To Manchester United, £25.6m. 10. Michael Essien, Lyon To Chelsea, £24.4m.