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She was a 2008 cheerleader, she did try out for the 09 Cheerleaders although she did not make it past the finals.

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Q: Did Lonnie make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?
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Why do Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders retire after 5 years?

Simply because most of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders aren't as fit once they enter a fifth year and they retire. While Trisha Trevino was an exception and successfully completed the tryouts and the training camp process, most of our cheerleaders do not make the requirements to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. - Kelli

Do the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders travel to away games?

No. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders only travel for a road game when the Cowboys are in a Super Bowl not played at AT&T Stadium or at a special international contest played in a city such as London or Mexico City.

What veteran tried out for the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders but did not make it?

To find the answer, you might want to watch the Season 5 premiere of "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Squad" on CMT the night of October 15, 2010.

What do cheerleaders do for money?

No. As collegiate athletes/club members they can not be paid. That being said, good cheerleaders at the top schools like U Kentucky are on full cheer scholarships. Other than that, the only money that cheerleaders receive (legally) is from their school/NCAA is for travel expenses and that is minimal. When they cheer for a team that makes tournament, they get a little bit more for a travel allowance as the team proceeds to the next round in each tournament.

How much does a dallas cheerleader make?

As of July 2014, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders make approximately 150 dollars per game. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are the most known NFL cheerleaders in the league.

What is a NFL cheerleaders salary?

N.F.L cheerleaders make very, very little. On the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader website, their salary is about $50.00 per home game. However, the exposure that they will have is priceless. This can include modeling and other things to promote their career.