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Fourth grade for missing 82 days of the year due to moving 7 times that year.

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Q: Did LeBron James fail a grade in school?
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If you fail a term in school do you fail the grade?

it would depend what school you go to

If you fail one major subject in school in 8th grade do you fail the year?

Yes you do. Then you have to go to summer school, if you fail that too then you repeat the grade

Can you fail seventh grade?

Yes, you can fail 7th grade just like every other grade in school.

What happens if you fail school?

If you fail school you will have to go to summer school to make up your grade, and if you don't you will get held back.

What happens if you don't come to school?

you will fail the grade that you are in

If you fail 9th grade algebra do you fail school?

No, you will probably just have to retake that class.

What grade did Eminem fail?

He dropped out of school in 9th grade after failing it 3 times

Will gym be a big grade in middle school?

In my school you got A-E's in it but in 7th grade, at my school, you could do sports and if you didn't do well in gym (below C average) you could not do school sports. I believe you can fail the grade and not get your report card if you fail gym. It depends on your school.

What do you have to do to fail a grade in school?

The best way is to do absolutely nothing.

Can you fail a grade and go to another school and be in your right grade?

Possibly, depending on the standards of the school. It isn't likely though.

You are in the 7th grade if you get a f for the first semester grade and a d for the second semester grade do you have to attend summer school to pass?

it depends on what school your in but in my school if you fail 1 grade for the whole school year your fine. fail 2 classes for the school year summer school 3 then you repeat so you should be fine and also D's are passing in my school

Can you fail a grade in high school and still play high school sports?


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