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Yes he did

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Q: Did Kurt Warner ever play arena football?
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Has Kurt Warner ever played for Seahawks?

No, Warner played for the Packers (practice squad), Rams, Giants and Cardinals. He also played in the Arena League early in his career.

Was Kurt Warner ever a Green Bay Packer?

Yes. Warner was on their practice squad in 1994.

Did Kurt Warner ever attend Penn State?

Warner attended the University of Northern Iowa.

Did a Kurt Warner ever Play for Penn State?

Yes he did,, lets not forget there are 2 football players retired now with the same name and my big brother Kurt Warner did attend Penn State and played pro ball the other Kurt graduated from I do belive Iowa State

Did Kurt Warner ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. Kurt Warner played for the St. Louis Rams, New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals.

Who is the best QB ever?

dan marin No it's Kurt Warner

Did seatle ever have a arena football team?

not that i can find

Has a rookie ever won super bowl mvp?

Kurt Warner was the only rookie quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl.

Did the St. Louis Rams ever won a super bowl?

yes they won 1 super bowl with Kurt Warner

Has any QB ever lead two different teams to the Super Bowl?

Not so far... but Kurt Warner may be the first.

Has there ever been a quarterback to lead 2 different teams to the super bowl?

Kurt Warner led the Rams in 99 and 02 and led the Cardinals this year

Was Kurt Warner considered a rookie when he won the super bowl?

No. Warner was a member of the 1998 St. Louis Rams and a third stringer behind Tony Banks and Steve Bono. He was inactive for 14 of the 16 regular season games and got into only one game in the 1998 season, throwing 11 passes. Certainly, as far as playing time was concerned, he could have been considered a 'rookie' but since he was on the Rams 53 man roster for the entire 1998 season, he was considered a 2nd year player.No. Kurt Warner had played professional football in the Arena League before he ever played a down in the National Football League. As a result, he would have been considered a first-year player instead of a rookie. He also was the third-string quarterback for the St. Louis Rams in 1998, the year before he guided the Rams to a Super Bowl championship. No rookie quarterback has ever started a Super Bowl contest.

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