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Q: Did Kevin garnett win a championship in his first year with the celtics?
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When Kevin Garnett enter NBA?

Kevin Garnett became a Minnesota Timberwolves player in 1995. Then Garnett moved to the Boston Celtics on July 31, 2007. At first when Garnett went to the Celtics he was No. 12. Now he is in the Boston Celtics No. 5.

Who is the first five of Boston celtics?

rajon rondo, paul pierce, ray allen, kevin garnett, Jermaine Oneal

Does Kevin Durant still play in the NBA?

KG is a Power Forward by nature... However he is able to adjust depending on circumstances. I have seen Garnett play Small forward before for his finesse allows him to. But Small forwards these days are extraordinary so I've only seen KG play PF/C in his Celtics career...

When did the Celtics win their first championship?

The Celtics won in the year 1957.

How many kids does Kevin Garnett have?

Well yes at this time they have a child, a girl was born on April 18, 2008.

The best NBA player off 2009?

Kevin Garnett was the best NBA player of 2009. He has a great year for the Boston Celtics winning the title and the MVP award for that year. It was his first NBA title.

When did the Boston Celtics win their first championship?


How old was Kevin garnett when he first played nba basketball?


Who was in the NBA first Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garrnet?

Kevin Garnett was in the NBA first. He was drafted in 1995 and Kobe was drafted in 1996.

When was the first year the Boston Celtics lost to the la lakers in nba championship?

The Lakers' first NBA title win over the Boston Celtics occurred in 1985. They beat the Celtics again in 1987 and 2010.

Who were the 2 rookies of the Celtics when they won their first championchip?

The Celtics first NBA championship in the 1956-57 season. Rookies on that team were Bill Russell and Lou Tsioropoulos.

What was the Boston Celtics starting lineup in 1946-1947?

Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Shaquille O'neal, and it swithched off throughout the year for 5th man between Devean George, Rick Fox and Stanislav Medvedenko.