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Q: Did Kevin Bacon do his own basketball scenes in The Air Up There?
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What does the air in a basketball do?

The air in a basketball lets the basketball bounce.

How does the amount of air in a basketball affect how high it bounces?

Answer Yes. A basketball with no air will not bounce as much as a basketball with the right amount of air .

How much air does a basketball have in it?

A basketball need a lot of air because if it does not have any air how can it bounce.

What is inside a basketball?

Air is inside of a basketball.

Inside of a basketball?

Air is inside a basketball

It pops because of how much air there is in. The air takes over and makes the basketball rip. Too much air can cause a reaction to the basketball. Why does a basketball pop?

a basketball is kinda like a ballon if it has to much air it pops

What is the solute and solvent of water droplets in the air?

According to the law of physics the solvent is always water and therefore the droplets are the solvent while the solute is and always will be bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon....Trolololololololol, YOLO

How large a room of air is packed into a basketball at 8psi?

The answer depends on the pressure when the air is let out of the basketball.

Is normal air in a basketball?

No No No!!!!!!!!

Is a basketball a gas?

both because Basketball is hard and it air.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.

What is the best air pressure for a basketball?

I know from experience that the best air pressure for bouncing a basketball is as full as you can get it.

Why does a basketball need to be filled with air?

A basketball needs to be filled with air because if you didn't it wouldn't bounce.

What kind of air does a basketball have?

Just regular air.

Does a full basketball weigh the same as a flat basketball?

No, because the full basketball includes the mass of the air, unless you don't include the air, then they are the same.

Is a basketball solid or gas?

both because basketball is hard and it air.

How much does a basketball weigh with and without air?

How much a basketball weighs depends on the size of the ball. A regular size 29.5 inch basketball weighs 22 ounces with air and without air.

What is the inside pressure of a basketball?


Why does a basketball bounce?

Because it has air in it.

How is a basketball made?

with air and rubber

How is a basketball is made?

with air and rubber

What will happen to the air pressure in a basketball when it is let out?

it will go into the air

In Freak the Mighty What happened to Kevin's mother?

Kevin's mother, Gwen of air, moved away after Kevin died

What make a basketball bounce higher helium or air?

Helium will make a basketball bounce higher because when it is put into the basketball the air particles move faster and faster causing the basketball to bounce higher.

How do basketball players appear to hang in the air?

Basketball players can appear to hang in the air when they hold onto the rim of the basket. This is a move that is popular among college basketball players, and professional basketball players.