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Not as a driver. Junior Johnson did win Nascar championships as a car owner.

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Q: Did Junior Johnson win a NASCAR title?
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Are you getting sick of Jimmie Johnson winning Nascar championships?

No, he also has a chance to make history on 11/22/2009 by being the first driver ever to win the NASCAR championship title 4 years in a row. In 2010, Jimmie Johnson won his fifth straight Nascar championship.

Who was the driver before Jimmie Johnson to win the Nascar championship?

Tony Stewart was the last driver to win the Nascar Cup Series championship prior to Jimmie Johnson, it was in 2005. Johnson has been the champion since 2006.

Did Jimmie Johnson win five Nascar championships in a row?

Yes. Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar Cup Series championship from 2006-2010.

In what year did Junior Johnson win the Daytona 500?

Junior Johnson won the 1960 Daytona 500.

Which nascar driver gave owner rick hendrick his 200th win this year?

The Nascar Driver That Gave His Owner His 200th Win Was Jimmie Johnson At Darlington.

How many Nascar Cup Series races did Jimmie Johnson win in 2002?

Jimmie Johnson won three Nascar Cup Series races in 2002.

Where was Jimmie Johnson's first career NASCAR win?

Jimmie Johnson's first Nascar win was in the Busch Series, now known as the Nationwide Series. It was on July 14, 2001 at Chicagoland Speedway. His first Cup Series win was on April 28, 2002 at California Speedway.

Has there ever been a Nascar champion that did not win a race that season?

No. It has happened in Indycars when Tom Sneva won the 1978 title without a race win, but never in NASCAR.

Did Jimmie Johnson win four championships in Nascar?

Jimmie Johnson has won five Nascar Cup Series championships. He won consecutive titles from 2006 to 2010.

In 1960 who discovered the wonders of drafting in his win?

Junior Johnson

Who is the only nascar drive to win four chapionships in a row?

No body,until Sunday November 22 2009 in Homestead Miami Florida when Jimmie Johnson finished 5th putting him and Chad Knaus his crew chief in the history books for being the only driver in nascar history and the only crew chief in nascar history to win 4 consecutive championship title 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Who was the last Nascar driver to win the 2007 Nextel Cup Championship?

Jimmy Johnson.

Who won the Nascar Cup Series championship in 2009?

Jimmie Johnson won the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, the first driver to win 4 consecutive NASCAR titles.

Who did jack Johnson defeat for the heavywieght title?

Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney Australia to win the heavyweight title.

Who has the most consecutive championship wins in Nascar?

Only one driver has ever won three consecutive championships in NASCAR's premier series: Cale Yarborough. However, Jimmie Johnson is in a position to match Yarborough's feat with another title in 2008. Jimmie Johnson tied Cale Yarborough's record in 2008. He surpassed it in 2009, by winning his fourth consecutive championship. Johnson went on to win his fifth consecutive championship in 2010. His streak came to an end in 2011 when Tony Stewart won the title.

How many races did it take for Jimmie Johnson to win his first Nascar Cup race?

Jimmie Johnson won his first Nascar Cup Series race in his 13th career start.

Has anyone won four straight nascar titles?

In 2009, Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to win four consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup titles.

How many races did Jimmie Johnson win in 2013?

In 2013, Jimmie Johnson won six Nascar Cup Series races.

How many races did Jimmie Johnson win in 2009?

Jimmie Johnson won seven Nascar Sprint Cup Series races in 2009.

Who is the first Indian woman to win a junior Gland Slam title?

Sania Mirza is the first Indian woman to win junior Grand Slam in doubles category of 2003 Wimbledon Championship.

Who is the 1st Indian player win the junior Wimbledon title in 1954?

Ramanathan krishnan

Has anyone besides Jimmie Johnson won 4 championships in a row in Nascar?

No. Jimmie Johnson is the only driver to win four straight Nascar championships. Cale Yarborough won three in a row from 1976-1978. In 2010, Jimmie Johnson won his fifth straight championship.

How did Jimmie Johnson win his 5th straight Nascar championship?

Because he took risks and didn't stand for the pit crew.

What is wrong with Dale Jr's Nascar year?

Nothing so far, Junior has a win and he is second in points. Let's at least wait until November.

How much money do the NASCAR Sprint Cup winners win?

Jimmy Johnson came in first in 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup. His winnings were $17,673,977. Carl Edwards came in second with $4,585,792.