Did Jon gruden win a Super Bowl?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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n Super Bowl XXXVII, the Buccaneers faced the Raiders, and Grudenguided Tampa Bay to a commanding 48-21 victory. He experienced his first losing seasons as head coach the following two years, but Tampa Bay rebounded in 2005 to win a division title.

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Q: Did Jon gruden win a Super Bowl?
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What team did john gruden win a super bowl with?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Who was younger 2005 Bill Cowher or 2002 John Gruden?

That would be Jon Gruden by 9 years and about 100 days. Gruden was born August 17, 1963 which would have put him a few days past 39 years old when the 2002 season started. Cowher was born May 8, 1957 which would have put him at 48 years and about 4 months old when the 2005 season started. Prior to Mike Tomlin, head coach of the 2008 Steelers, becoming the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl (XLIII), that distinction went to Gruden.

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