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No. He just retired Wwe,he moved to TNA Wrestling.

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Q: Did Jeff Hardy stop wrestling
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Is Jeff hardy in WWE?

Jeff Hardy is on TNA wrestling

Was Jeff hardy wrestling in 2007?

Jeff Hardy returned to Raw in 2006. Since then, he had been wrestling until 2009

Where is Jeff hardy nowadays?

Jeff Hardy currently works for TNA Wrestling.

Is Jeff hardy going to come back at Wwe?

Jeffrey "Jeff" Nero Hardyjeff-hardy(born August 31, 1977)jeff-hardyis an united-statesprofessional-wrestling-2, currently signed to total-nonstop-action-wrestling(TNA)

Will Jeff return at royal rumble 2011?

No Way, As we already know World Wrestling Entertainment fired Jeff Hardy from wrestling business in 2009 and Jeff Hardy now continues his professional wrestling career in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. I am sure Jeff hardy never comes back to WWE because of his past challenge with CM Punk. In 2009, Jeff Hardy lost a wrestling match to CM Punk under one stipulation. In other words, Jeff Hardy should not return to WWE if he loses match to CM Punk. As per that professional wrestling match's stipulation, Jeff Hardy announced his retirement in World Wrestling Entertainment.

What are Jeff Hardy's wrestling statistics?

Jeff hardy is a high flyer he usuly wins

Is Jeff hardy going to return to WWE?

well no jeff hardy is in tna wrestling

In what school Jeff Hardy studied Wrestling?

Jeff Hardy Never Studied Wrestling. Him And His Brother Taught Their Selves How To Wrestle.

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on TNA wrestling?

Jeff Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen does Hardy's TNA theme song. The song is sung by Jeff Hardy.

Is Jeff hardy back in wrestling?

Yes Jeff hardy returned on tna on 1 4 10

Where is Jeff hardy what is he up to?

Jeff Hardy is wrestling in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) instead of WWE.

Is Jeff hardy hardy coming back to WWE after loss to cm punk?

no Jeff hardy is a new face on tna wrestling

When did Jeff hardy came out of wrestling?

He hasn't come out of wrestling yet.

Does jeff hardy and matt like McDonald's?

It is not known if Jeff and Matt Hardy like McDonald's. The Hardy's are currently wrestling on the independent circuit.

Is Jeff hardy wrestling in 2012?


Is Jeff Hardy currently wrestling for TNA?


What is Jeff hardy best known for?


What is Jeff hardy favorite sports?


Are Jeff and Matt hardy from wwf still both alive?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is in Impact Wrestling on Spike on Thursday @ 9 and Matt is semi-retired from pro wrestling

What is a wrestling team?

One team is the Hardy's but Jeff Hardy got arrested

Is Jeff hardy a actor?

No. Jeff Hardy is not an Actor. He has made occasional appearances in talk shows on TV but hasn't tried acting. Jeff Hardy is a professional wrestler. He is best known for his time in the WWE where he was a multiple time champion. Right now Jeff is wrestling with TNA Wrestling promotion.

Will matt hardy wrestle for the WWE championship against jeff hardy?

As of now NO. Matt Hardy has retired from active wrestling and Jeff Hardy is currently signed with the rival wrestling promotion TNA. So, at this moment, Jeff and Matt Hardy fighting for the WWE championship seems impossible. It may happen in future but there is no guarantee for the same.

What episode did Jeff hardy vs undertaker?

jeff hardy is on impact wrestling so undertaker didnt go against him

Will Jeff Hardy wrestle in TNA?

yes jeff hardy wrestles in tna and has been wrestling in tna since 2010

Is jeff hardy the hottest wrestler?

Yes many people think Jeff Hardy is one of the hottest wrestlers. Jeff Hardy wrestled in the WWE and is currently wrestling in the Independent circuit.