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Yes, He had a contract with Arena football 2 Tennessee Valley Vipers, Rome Renagades. He finished up with the Mississippi Mudcats. Were he then became asst. Head coach to Bryan Brents.

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Q: Did Jacob flanagan of double springs play arena football?
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Did Jacob flanagan of double springs Alabama play arena football?

He made multiple teams but never played after tryouts because they did not pay enough.

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Yes, under sized, but a great Ath!! very explosive! Hard working. Know as a hard hitting, quick football player! Had great hands and was The number one option football player in his time in the state of Alabama!

Was Jacob Flanagan the offensive cordinator at Winston county High school?


Did Jacob Flanagan of south side Alabama play football at University of North Alabama?

Yes, Jacob came in as a Wide out, under coach Hudspeth Who is now at Mississippi state with Dan Mullins Who was at Florida with Tim Tebow and Chris Leak During it's epic championship run. Jacob moved to rover in the 3-3-5 Defense.

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