Did Jackie robison pitch

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No he played 2nd base and maybe 3rd

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Q: Did Jackie robison pitch
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Where was Jackie robison from?

jackie robison was from Cario,GA.

How many threats did Jackie Robison get?

How many threats did Jackie Robison get?

What is Jackie Robinson's full name?

Jackie robison

Did Jackie robison have a dad?


What kind of diabetes did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had Type 1 diabetes.

Who is Jackie robison?

Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player.

Where was Jackie robison raised?

Cairo, Georgia

Is Jackie Robinson from the roaring twenties?

jackie robison now is 94 years old.

When did Jackie robison die?

he died OCT.24.1972

Who was the first black baseball pro?

Jackie robison

What year did Jackie Robison go to school?

a year

Did Jackie Robison want to play baseball?


Where did Jackie robison go to college?

he went UCLA

Who was Roberto clemente's favorite players?

jackie robison

Why did Jackie robison die?

Beacause of complications while he had diabetes.

What struggles did Jackie robison have?

racicem he got death notes

Where did Jackie Robison get married?

i dont know but can you answer this question Can you leave me alone?

How many home runs did Jackie robison hit in his career?

Jackie Robinson hit 137 career home runs.

Did Jackie Robison get his education?

He went to UCLA and did track, baseball, basketball, and football.

What is Jackie robison kids name?

his kids names are Titicaca Jr, and Shanon

Who from history was a sports figure?

Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robison

Who are best baseball players of all time?

jackie robison bebe rurth

What baseball positoin did Jackie robison play?

Jackie Robinson mainly played second base, but he also played around the field.

How did jackie robison die?

i think it was heart proplemems he was complaning about in 10/24/72

When did jackie robison break the color barrier in major league baseball?

April 15, 1947