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As a slave Frederick Douglass had little opportunity for playtime and sports. As an activist, he did not have time for these kind of diversions.

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Q: Did Frederick Douglass play any sports?
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No Frederick Douglass did not write any poems. Frederick Douglass was a former slave and most known for being an orator and abolitionist.

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Frederick Douglass' descendants can be contacted through the Douglass Family website:

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Yes, Frederick Douglass had children. The most known are his two sons who went to war in the 1860s. (During the Civil War.)

Did Frederick Douglass have any kids?

Yes he did one girl and three boys

Did Frederick Douglass have any children?

Yes he did, one girl and three boys.

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Was Frederick Douglass nominated for vice president of the US?

No- certainly not by any national party. He did receive a vote for presidential nominee in the Republican nomination convention.

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