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During Eli Manning's 4 years at the University of Mississippi he had an outstanding record. However, the school did not win a national championship.

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Q: Did Eli Manning win a national championship at the University of Mississippi?
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What college team did Archie Manning play for?

Archie Manning played for the University of Mississippi.

Did Peyton Manning ever play for a national championship?


Did Peyton Manning win a national championship and what year?

No, he did not.

Where di Eli Manning go to college?

University of Mississippi

Where Olivia Williams Manning go to college?

University of Mississippi

What year did Eli Manning graduate from the university of Mississippi?


What school did Archie Manning attend?

The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Were did ely manning play college football?

Eli Manning played college football at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

What college did Archie Manning attend?

University of Mississippi

What brothers have quarterbacked the same team to a ncaa national championship in football?

Peyton and eli manning

How many football national championships has the university of Tennessee won?

Ole Miss won the 1960 national championship. Ole Miss finished the 1960 season with a 10-0-1 record and an SEC championship and Sugar Bowl championship. The AP recognized Minnesota as the 1960 national champion, with Ole Miss at number two. However, the AP final poll was released prior to the bowl games. Minnesota was defeated in the Rose Bowl and finished with an 8-2 record. The NCAA and the SEC both recognize Mississippi's 1960 national championship. Various other services list Ole Miss as 1959 and 1962 national champions as well.

What did Eli Manning major in college?

you are a stupid dum idiot if you dont know the answer