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Q: Did Don Shula ever coached high school football?
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Which US President coached collage football?

No US Presidents have ever coached collegiate football.

Has clemson ever won a football natinal chsmpionship?

Yes in 1981 maybe when john heisman coached there but only 1 time in the last 50 years

Did Mike Shula ever beat Auburn as the coach for Alabama?

NO!! NO!!

How many blacks have coached in the NBA ever?


Has Stan van gudey ever coached the heat?


Has a NCAA Division 1 school ever been ranked first in footballll and basketball at the same time?

In the middle of the 1950 season, the University of Kentucky, UK, was ranked #1 in both. I doubt this is the only school, Florida and UCLA would be a good candidate for this as well. This was one year out of five (1948-1952) that UK did not win the basketball championship. Adolph Rupp coached the basketball team and Bear Bryant coached the football team. Two of the winningest coaches of all time. At the end of the year, only the football team was ranked #1, and only in one poll.

Did soulja boy ever played football?

Yes, back in high school.

Which six NFL coaches have played in the NFL and have also coached teams that won Super Bowls?

Tom LANDRY: Played for NY Giants. Coached Dallas Cowboys in a Super Bowl win.Mike DITKA Played for Chicago Bears. Coached Chicago Bears in a Super Bowl win.Dan REEVES: Played for Dallas Cowboys. Coached Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl win.8ill COWHER: Played for the Philidelphia Eagles, the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears. Coached Pittsburg Steelers in a Super Bowl win.Don SHULA: Played for the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Colts and the Washington Redskins. Coached Miami to a Super Bowl win.Chuck NOLL: Played for the Cleveland Browns. Coached the Pittsburg Steelers in a Super bowl winClose, but no cigar...John Madden: Drafted by Philadelphia but injuries kept him from ever playing a game. Coached the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl win.-----Add to the list Tony Dungy, who played with the Steelers and 49ers and was the coach of the Super Bowl winning Colts in SB XLI.

When did Henry Kapono kaaihui go to college?

Henry Kapono Kaaihue attended the University of Hawaii earning a football scholarship. Former Hawaii football coach Larry Price, now a honolulu radio personality, called Kaaihue the greatest football player he's ever coached. If it weren't for a football injury, he may have gone on to a professional career in football instead of music.

Has any coach ever coached in the NFL and Major League Baseball?


Has an Ivy League school ever won an NCAA football championship?

Yes twice

Did soulja boy ever play basketball?

No just football back in high school.