Did Derek Jeter ever cheat on Madonna?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Q: Did Derek Jeter ever cheat on Madonna?
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Has Derek Jeter ever hit for the cycle?

No. Derek Jeter has never hit for the cycle.

Has Derek Jeter ever been in jail?

No Derek Jeter was never suspended from baseball

Did dereck jeter cheat with Madonna?

He never "cheated" on a count of he's never been married, nor has he ever dated Madonna. You are probably confused with Alex Rodriguez.

Was Derek Jeter ever a switch hitter?

No. Derek Jeter has always batted right handed.

Did Derek Jeter ever have friends?

Yes, Derek Jeter had and still has friends. Jorge Posada is his best friend.

Who is the best shortstop ever?

derek jeter

Did Derek Jeter ever play third base for the New York Yankees?

No. Derek Jeter has been a shortstop for his entire career.

Do you think Derek Jeter is hot?

Derek Jeter is the hottest shortstop ever! He has the nicest smile and eyes and I know, every teenage girl loves him!

Was Derek Jeter ever number 5 with the New York Yankees?

No. Derek Jeter always wore number 2 as a New York Yankee.

Will the New York Yankees ever trade Derek Jeter?

I do not think the Yankees and Derek Jeter will ever part ways. Derek's contract is up at the end of the 2010 season and the organization will probably work out an extension that will keep Derek here for the rest of his career.

Who is better Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer?

Derek Jeter, there is no comparison between the two. Derek Jeter will be a Hall of Famer one day and with the horrible year Joe Mauer is having I doubt he'll ever reach the Hall of Fame.

Is Derek Jeter awesome?

Yes. He is the greatest shortstop to ever live.