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Q: Did Dale Earnhardt win 50 trophies?
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How many trophys did Dale Earnhardt win?


What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1 24 scale No Bull 5 winning car last win?

The value of the Dale Earnhardt Sr. car is close to $50 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the car.

How much of DEI does Dale Earnhardt Jr own?

Dale Jr. owns nothing of DEI. Dale Jr. was looking for a 50/50 partnership with his stepmother, Theresa Earnhardt back in 2007. When that didn't work out, Dale left and went to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008.

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr stand up cardboard cutout worth?


What is the value of any Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars?

The value of Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars vary depending on condition and rarity. The values vary between $50 and $200 and up.

Was Dale Earnhardt Sr. 43 when he died?

No. When Dale Sr. died on February 18, 2001, he was 49 years old. He would have turned 50 on April 29th.

How old was Dale Earnhardt Sr. when he died?

He was 49 years old. He was to turn 50 in two months, before his death.

How much is an unopened Dale Earnhardt Sr. Lego set worth that has never been opened and bought when he crashed?

50 dollars

Who drove the Budweiser car through its Nascar history?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8Wally Dallenbach, #50 (NASCAR's anniversary)Kenny Schrader, #25Bill Elliott, #11Terry Labonte, #11Ricky Craven #25, #50Ammo, you forgot a couple from the early to mid '80s. Darrell Waltrip drove the #11 Budweiser car from 1984-1986. Neil Bonnet drove the #12 Budweiser car as a teammate to D.W. in 1984 and 1985.Here is the complete list to date1983 Terry Labonte, #441984 Darrell Waltrip #11 and Neil Bonnet #121985 Darrell Waltrip #11 and Neil Bonnet #121986 Darrell Waltrip #111987 Terry Labonte, #111988 Terry Labonte, #111989 Terry Labonte, #111990 Geoff Bodine, #111991 Geoff Bodine, #111992 Bill Elliott, #111993 Bill Elliott, #111994 Bill Elliott, #111995 Kenny Schrader, #251996 Kenny Schrader, #251997 Ricky Craven #25 Jack Sprague and Todd Bodine filled in during injury1998 Ricky Craven #25, #501999 Wally Dallenbach, and Randy LaJoie #50 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8 five races2000 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82001 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82002 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82003 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82004 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82005 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82006 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82007 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #82008 Kasey Kahne, #92009 Kasey Kahne, #92011 Kevin Harvick, #29

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. autograph worth?

You would have to know when it was signed and have it validated by a photo of him signing it, otherwise it would cost you money from a autograph expert to have it authenticated. A Dale Earnhardt Sr. autograph by itself is worth between $25 - $50. It really varies how much an item is worth that has his autograph on it, due to the value of the particular item. A trading card is exponentially worth what Dale Earnhardt's autograph is worth, multiplied by the percentage ratio of how many autographed cards were inserted into that year/brand of cards. Most inserted Dale Earnhardt cards are worth between $250 - $500. However, because Dale Sr. only signed 25 autograph cards that were randomly inserted into the 2001 Press pass packs before he died, that card is worth between $850 and $1,100. The 2000 Maximum Dale Earnhardt Jr and Sr Dual Autograph card is worth between $1,200 - $1,500.

How much is an authentic autographed Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wheaties Box worth with cereal contents inside?

30 to 50 bucks, I just ran across it the other day on Earnhardt collectibles. If it's authentic add a couple hundred to it.

What is the value of any of Dale Earnhardt Sr remote control cars?

I would estimate it at no more than $200. $50 dollars lowest. Mid-range about $100 to $150.

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