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Walter Alston managed the Brooklyn Dodgers between 1954-1957. He then managed the Los Angeles Dodgers between 1958-1976.

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Q: Did Brooklyn Dodgers have a manager by the name of Walter?
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What was the dodgers first name?

In Brooklyn, the Dodgers were first called the Trolley Dodgers, then the name was shortened to Dodgers.

What was the name of the Brooklyn dodgers in the 1920s?

The Brooklyn Robins

Where can you find out more about the Brooklyn Robins?

The Brooklyn Robins were really the Brooklyn Dodgers. That was kind of an alternate name (used mostly by the media) from the '30s to the '50s. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The team went by the Robins between 1914-1931, mainly out of respect for their manager Wilbert Robinson.

What is the name of the old Brooklyn Dodgers stadium?

The Brooklyn Dodgers played at Ebbets Field from 1913 to 1957.

What is the name of Jackie Robinsons major league baseball coach?

Robinson's managers for most of his years with the Brooklyn Dodgers were Burt Shotton, Charlie Dressen and Walter Alston.

How did the baseball team dodgers get their name?

They started out as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. The name comes from so many trolley tracks in the city of Brooklyn that people were dodging and it was a popular nickname for people who lived there. It was later shortened to Dodgers.

Brooklyn dodgers how they got named?

There used to be trolleys that would run on the streets of brooklyn. You had to be careful not to get it by them. Original name of the team was trolley-dodgers.

Did the team have another name before it was called the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The LA Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the late 1950s, both the Dodgers and Giants (then a New York team) moved to California. Yes, they were known as the Brooklyn Dodgers when the team was in Brooklyn. They were also known as The Brooklyn Bums or just 'Da Bums. They were the working man's team as opposed to the mighty Yankees who were known as the elitist man's team: the blue collar vs. the white collar teams. During the period from the '30's through the early 50s, the Dodgers were also refered to as the Robins. In the 19th Century, before they were re-named the Dodgers, they were called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. The Dodgers were known as the Robins out of respect to their Hall of Fame manager Wilbert Robinson during the 1910s and 1920s. Brooklyn Bridegrooms, 1890-1898 Brooklyn Superbas, 1899-1910 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1911-1913 Brooklyn Robins, 1914-1931 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1932-1957 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-present

What is the ballpark name for the Brooklyn Dodgers?

Ebbets Field

Whats the Brooklyn dodgers mascot name?

Emmett Kelly.

Did the Brooklyn dodgers display the players name on their jerseys?


Was there ever a Brooklyn Dodgers football team?

Yes. Between 1930-1943, there was a team in the NFL known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers changed their name to the Tigers for the 1944 season and then merged with the Boston Yanks in the 1945 season.

How did Dodgers get their name?

The term "Trolley Dodgers" was attached to the Brooklyn ballclub due to the complex maze of trolley cars that weaved its way through the borough of Brooklyn. The name was then shortened to just "Dodgers." During the 1890s, other popular nicknames were Ward's Wonders, Foutz's Fillies and Hanlon's Superbas.

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their name?

Well, actually the dodgers were originally from Brooklyn, New York and were called the trolley dodgers because back then in Brooklyn when u walked in the streets you had to DODGE the trolley cars. then they were called the grooms because some of there players were getting married that year. then they were finally called the Brooklyn dodgers until they moved to LA in 1955 (my town GO DODGERS!!!) and have been since then called the LOS ANGELES DODGERS!!! [Actually, the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA before the beginning of the 1958 season]

What was the name of Jackie Robinson before he joined the Brooklyn dodgers?

his name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson

What was the name of the Brooklyn team before it was the dodgers?

They were called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms because most of the team members had wives.

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their nickname?

They were, of course, the old Brooklyn Dodgers who got their name from what the fans had to do to get to Ebbets trolley cars.

What was the name of the stadium where the dodgers played in brooklyn before moving to la?

Ebbets Field

What was the name of the guy who asked Jackie Robinson to join the Brooklyn dodgers?

Branch Rickey

When did the Brooklyn Dodgers become know as the Brooklyn Dodgers?

Newspapers dating back to 1912 and possibly farther, have numerous sports articles where the sports writers of the time would refer to the Brooklyn National League Baseball Club as the "DODGERS". The name actually became OFFICIAL during a meeting at Ebbets Field where the PRESS had been gathered to VOTE on an official team name. There were a few names that were discussed, but the name DODGERS was clearly the choice. The name DODGERS first appeared on the jersey in 1932 in BLOCK FONT style. In 1938, the DODGERS SCRPIT style font replaced the block style. With a few variations here and there over the years, the scrpt style has remained the same for 80 plus years.

What is the name of Mindless Behavior's manager?

keisha gamble and walter

What is the name of the team that Tommy Lasorda made his MLB debut with on August 5 1954?

Brooklyn Dodgers

Why is Los Angeles's baseball team called the Dodgers?

The team's original home, Brooklyn, had many trolleys on its streets that pedestrians had to dodge. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the team was known in the late 19th century as the Brooklyn Superbas. Because Brooklyn had so many trolley cars, fans nicknamed the team "the trolley dodgers." The name Dodgers stuck, and the team officially adopted it in 1913. They brought it along with them when they moved to Los Angeles in 1958.

Who were the Brooklyn Bridegrooms?

Brooklyn Bridegrooms is one of the many former names of the MLB team now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers. The present day Dodgers were known as the Bridegrooms between 1888-1898. Legend has it that the name was coined by their manager, William McGunnigle, when several of their players were married within a couple months of each other prior to the 1888 season. When new ownership took over for the 1899 season, Bridegrooms was dropped in favor of Superbas.

What did the Brooklyn tigers football team change their name to?

The Tigers began play in the NFL as the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1930. They changed their name to Tigers in 1944 and merged with the Boston Yanks in 1945 due to financial problems of the owners.