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No. They never played.

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Q: Did Bobby Bowden ever beat Bear Bryant?
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Did Bear Bryant ever beat Notre Dame?


Did Bear Bryant ever beat Ara Parseghian?


Who were the two teams Bear Bryant lost at Bryant Denny Stadium?

Bear Bryant lost to Florida in 1963 with a score of 10-6. Bear Bryant also lost in 1982 when Southern Miss beat Alabama 38-29, which was Bryant's final game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

How many times in a row did Bear Bryant beat Tennessee?


What team did Alabama beat to give Bear Bryant his 323 win?


Alabama was one of the teams that Bear Bryant never beat when he coached at other schools?


What teams did Coach Bear Bryant never beat?

There are three teams Coach Bear Bryant never defeated. They are the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish, University of Texas Longhorns, and University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

Where was Bear Bryant last football game?

Memphis Tennessee at The Liberty Bowl. Alabama beat Illinois 21-15.

Did bear Bryant beat Texas university while at Alabama?

no he never did. until the 2010 national championship Texas was undefeated to bama

Did joe paterno ever beat bear Bryant?

Not as a head coach.Bryant and Paterno met 4 times as head coaches (1975, 1979, 1981, 1982) with Bryant winning all four games.

When was When Billie Beat Bobby created?

When Billie Beat Bobby was created in 2001.

What year did Joe Paterno beat Bear Bryant coaching record?

Bear Bryant coached 38 years Joe Paterno beat his record in 37 Years. However Joe coached at the same school his entire career. Bear Bryant took over 5 loosing programs and did not coach at the same school his entire career making his accomplishment of 315 harder to imagine. Joe Paterno never beat Bear in 4 attempts as a head coach. No coach is given the checkbook or the power to do as he pleases until he has proven his self as a coach Bear did it 5 times Joe only had to do it once. Not trying to take anything away from Joe but imagine Joe's record if he had to start at 5 different schools with loosing programs or imagine the Bear coaching his entire career at Alabama. Joe beat his record in 2003 to be the best coach you have to beat the best coach and he never did.

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