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Q: Did Auburn university ever been to the final four?
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Has rutgers university football team ever played auburn university football team?

Once, in 1982 at Auburn with Auburn winning 30-7.

Has there ever been a school to have both men and women make the final four?

University of Connecticut, North Carolina, Stanford, Louisville.

Has the Auburn University football team ever lost to a high school football team?

no, in fact they were underfeated these year

When has Butler ever been in the final four before?

Butler's first appearance in the Final Four was in 2010.

Has Missouri ever been to a final four?

no they haven't ever

Was there ever a final score of 3 - 2 in an American football game?

September 13, 2008. Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2. Auburn had a holding penalty in their own endzone which does not count as a sack. So, Auburn scored all 5 points while winning a statistical shut out.

Was Auburn ever the capital of California?

No, it was not.

Has Hawaii ever been to the final four?


What is the most Auburn has ever beaten Alabama by in football?

48 points.1895 - Auburn 48, Alabama 01900 - Auburn 53, Alabama 5

Have the Winnipeg jets ever been in a Stanley cup final?


Is Justin Bieber ever coming to auburn?

no epic fail

Has South Carolina ever beaten auburn?

Yes in 1933