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The 1964 national championship was historic not so much for who won but for when the title was awarded. In 1964 seven different entities named a mythical national champion. The two most notable polls to fans at the time-The Associated Press and the United Press International-did not wait until after the bowl games to award their champion. Because of that Alabama was named the national champ by the AP,UPI and Litkenhous groups. However,the Crimson Tide went on to lose, 21-17, to Texas in the Orange Bowl and finish 10-1 on the year. Arkansas remained the only undefeated team in the country at 11-0 with its victory over Nebraska. Two groups who waited until after the bowl games to name their champion- The Football Writers Association of America and the Helms Athletic Foundation-named Frank Broyles' Razorbacks as national champs. Notre Dame and Michigan also were honored by lesser known polls. Both the AP and UPI changed their procedure the next year, choosing to wait until after the bowls to announce their final polls.

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Q: Did Arkansas win a national championship in football?
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