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Rugby does precede American Football and in design some aspects are acknowledged as coming from rugby

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Q: Did American football come from rugby?
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The roots of American Football come from soccer and what other sport?

Soccer --> Rugby --> American Football

Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

What came first American football or rugby?

Rugby starting concept 1823 American Football in 1865

How did American football grow?

It is said that football evolved from rugby and rugby evolved from soccer

What sport came first American football or rugby?


Which is bigger a American football ball or rugby ball?


Is gridiron and rugby the same?

Gridiron is American football where as rugby is not

What other sport is most similar to football?

A lot of sports have similarities to American Football. Although they are quite different, Rugby Union and Rugby League come closest.

Where did American football first start?


Is rugby paying more than football?

The wages are increasing in rugby compared to soccer and American football

Where did football come from?

It's a derivitive of Rugby.

What is the sport to which American football can be traced?

American football is an overly simplified version of rugby league.

What is rugby similar to?

Rugby actually preceded games which use some of the principles such as American football Gaelic football. There are two related types of Rugby. Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Was football invented through rugby?

Football (soccer) and rugby were until the very late 1800's the same game. When the Football league was created rugby lovers took their game and created the Rugby union. American football is derived from Rugby ,Australian rules football

American football is a combination of soccer and this sport?


What sports does rihanna play?

American Football, and Rugby!

Can you play American football with a rugby ball?

NO its to big!

What sport did the US make?

American football or rugby

What is the difference between American football to English football?

American football is basically rugby, English football is a lot better and you play.

What does most people call football?

Which Version? The US call American football-football and association football-soccer.In the UK we call association football-football,Rugby football-Rugby and American football a girl's game because of all the padding they wear!

Which is more violent football or rugby?

American Football is more violent than rugby because in American football you have 22 players crashing into each other while in rugby, except in a scrum, you only have people going after one player.

What two sports are called football in Britain?

There are three types of football in Britain. Football which is known as soccer in the US and Canada, American Football which is also called GridIron, and Rugby Football which is subdivided into Rugby Union and Rugby League.

What are the different kinds of football?

Association football (Soccer), Five-a-side soccer, Gaelic football, Rugby League, Wheelchair rugby,Freestyle football, Rugby Union, American football, Canadian, Australian football, Subbuteo, Table football and quite a few more.

American Football is a combination of what two sports?

soccer and rugby

Which sports use a ball which is not round?

American Football, Rugby