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The Green Bay Packers (02-05)

The Pittsburgh Steelers (06-08)

The Indianapolis Colts (2008)

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Q: Davenport played for which team before coming to the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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What was the score for the Cardnials and the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl match up?

The score was 27-23 with the Pittsburgh Steelers coming out the victors.

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0% seeing as Super Bowl 40 has already been played by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks with the Steelers coming out the victors.

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Could A.J. Hawk be traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have anyone of interest to the Packers. The only immediate need they had was at running back and they filled that void temporarily. The Steelers don't have any single player that would match the value of A.J. Hawk that they are willing to let go. He is still one of the best up and coming pass rushers in the league the fact that Green Bay has yet to utilize him does not diminish his value in the least bit.

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