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England, France and Spain have all won the World Cup just once.

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Q: Countries which won the world cup only one time?
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How many countries qualify for the World Cup?

Only 32 countries can qualify for the world cup.

Countries in Asia have hosted the World Cup?

Only two countries have jointly hosted the world cup. They are Japan and South korea.

Are there any Canadians in the World Cup?

Canada did not qualify to play in the world cup. Only 32 countries compete in the world cup.

Has 32 countries all won the world cup?

No, 32 countries have not won the FIFA World Cup. This year's 2010 FIFA World Cup will only be the 19th in history.

How many country played in the first world cup 1930?

There were only 13 countries that year.13 countries played in the first world cup

What was the first country to host two world cups?

Uruguay was the first country to host the world cup twice. We must remember that at that time only few countries qualified for the world cup.

Have Milan ever won the World Cup?

They can't they are a club not a country. Only countries enter the world cup.

How many football clubs in Britain for the world cup?

In the world cup only countries take part, not clubs.

Name the countries that have been knocked out of the 2010 world cup?

All 208 FIFA member countries participate in the World Cup qualifiers, with only 32 making it to the World Cup Finals. As such, the list of countries is pretty huge.

What are the only 3 European countries to win the world cup?

Only three European countries have won the world cup, they are Italy, France, West Germany , England and now Spain.

What are the countries in the football World Cup?

Any International team makes the world Cup,Only 32 make the finals

How many country qualified in te first world cup 1930?

There were only four countries in the 1930 world cup.

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