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Due to its world-wide popularity, and the number of nations which participate in the World Cup, it is reasonable to say that soccer is played in every country, both on amateur and professional levels.

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Q: Countries that soccer is played in?
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What countries is soccer played in?

As it is a very popular sport all countries in the world play soccer.

How many counties is soccer played in?

207 countries play soccer

What sport is played in the most countries?


Is dominoes played as a pastime in Hispanic countries?

no they play soccer

Is soccer still played?

Soccer (better known as football) is extremely popular in most countries of the world.

What are 5 facts about soccer?

Soccer is a sport. Soccer is played in multiple countries. Soccer is played with a ball. Soccer is properly called Association Football. The team who scored more goal wins, or if no one wins, the game is drawn.

Sports played by Asian countries?

Ping-pong, soccer, baseball, and basketball are popular in Asian countries.

How is soccer played in France?

Soccer is played the same way in France as they have to follow F.I.F.A rules. its played like other countries play soccer. the rules of FIFA must be followed. if not, they are not a country who plays football.

What are the names of some countries where soccer is played?

i don't know that's why i asked

Which sport is most popular cricket or socer?

Some say soccer is most popular, some say cricket is more popular. But soccer is more popular in terms of fans. Soccer is played in more than half of the total countries in the world. Cricket is very popular in the countries in which it is played. International Cricket is played by about 20 countries.

Is soccer universal?

Soccer is played in most countries but not all of them. This sport is popular in only a number of countries such as Brazil, Spain, America, Philippines, Parts of Asia and the Like.

In what countries is judo played?

All countries, it is the second most popular sport in the to soccer (futbol).

Where is soccer the most commonly played sport?

Soccer is commonly played in Europe and South America. Some countries are Mexico, Honduras, Spain, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.

What sport is played in more countries than any other sport?


What sport is the most played in the world?

Football (American soccer) is the most played sport in many countries in the world.

What sport is played in most countries?

Soccer. Soccer is played in almost every country. It is the easiest game to play because all you need is a ball and you basically can start a game.

Which sport is played more football or soccer?

I would say soccer because that is played all over the world and football is not and it's no really well known in other countries

Which 2 countries played the finals of the 1st soccer World Cup?

It was Uruguay verses Argentina.

What South American countries have never played in the Soccer World cup ever?

Venezuela only

Places were soccer is played?

Soccer is played at Connections, in a soccer field, and any other places where soccer is played.

What countries are soccer most popular in?

the countries soccer is popular in are NIGERIA;BRASIL; ENGLAND

How many countries participate in Soccer?

It is estimated that over 200 countries play soccer.

What countries are soccer played in?

Soccer is played in nearly every country on the planet. Most notably, England, Italy, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Scotland, and the United States have internationally-known soccer clubs.

What sport has been played the most?

The most popular sport in the world is soccer, and that is a game that poor countries can play. So soccer would be a reasonable answer.

How is soccer played in Mexico different from the US?

It's almost the same: both countries have professional and minor soccer leagues with 20+ professional teams.