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yee is cool

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Q: Could you tell me some ecuipment for soccer?
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What could you ask a soccer coach to give you a choice to play soccer as an alternative?

tell them that Asaad Tannous in the best player in the world and that he is so inspirational #yolo

How can you get scouted in soccer?

if you have a coach you have to tell him to get a scout or you could go and try out for a under 21 team in your area and you could get scouted there or join ODP.

Could you tell me some information about Ganza?


How can you tell what pigeon it is?

It takes some studies and familiarization and then you could tell the difference.

Could slaves tell time?

Yes. By looking at the sun, they could tell. Some of the Master's gardens for decor could had have a sundial for time.

What are soccer shoes called?

soccer shoes are called cleats you can tell that they are cleats if they have spikes on the bottom.

How do you become a soccer trainer?

First you must learn how to play soccer the then tell you what do it's that sipihx

What is proper Could you tell me what the answer is or could you tell me what is the answer?

Yes.Wait no.Another AnswerProper grammar could be:Could you tell me what is the answer?Could you tell me the answer?What is the answer?

How do you write a good soccer essay?

just tell how you play it

Could you tell me some different names for poster presentation?


In Power Soccer How do you get coins?

ill tell u if you tell me how to get a club penguin membership for free

If everyone want to know who you have a crush on should you tell anyone?

I think you should tell someone you could trust and not some wild person. That is what I did. Tell your best friend. that is someone you could trust

Can you tell me how to tell how old my glass bottle is?

You can't tell how old it is some glass bottles are made to look old and it could be fake

How do you send or inform of a Third Eye to the topical English soccer show Soccer AM?

You text them and tell them when and what happened and they will try and find it

What do people mean when they say to kick with your laces?

in soccer when they tell you to kick with your laces it means to kick with the top of your soccer shoe

Could the title of a story tell a lot about the plot?

It could not tell you allot, but it could tell you a lot.

What is the classification key of the Baltimore Checkerspot?

you tell me or it could be some kingdom es and some words that you could never hope to understand gnfggjf

How do you tell if your a poser?

Say if you wore a soccer signature shirt but you don't play soccer and you tell everyone that your the best player on the team, then your a poser. If you tell all your home friends your the popular est girl in school but your really not then your a poser.

How could you dicide whether some thing is a weed or not?

ikd can somone tell me

Could you Tell me some thing about yourself?

i am in marching band and an A B student

How many soccer fields are there?

Its impossible to tell. there are possibly millions dude.

How do you make a 3d soccer field?

I don't know! But if you find out, can you tell me?

How do you get a boyfriend in 3rd grade when you're 8?

tell him he is great at soccer

Who was the first soccer team?

There are some early reports of games (similar to soccer) played in early China, some Indian cultures, etc. Soccer (the game of today), was established in England (where's called football). The oldest club is Sheffield Wednesday (1857, England). Apparently soccer has been influenced by rugby... a sport that is somehow similar to American football... but it's hard to tell nowadays.

Could you tell you some viking names ending in Garth?

What name is ending with garth?