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Thinking about putting a trampoline lower on the ground, how much room is needed underneath to bounce?


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โˆ™ 2009-04-02 14:19:41
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Q: Could you tell me how much bounce room is needed underneath a trampoline?
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Would you rather have a dog or a trampoline?

Definitely a dog. You can't go on walks with a trampoline, you can't cuddle with a trampoline, you can't talk to a trampoline(you can, but you'll look weird...), and you don't get attached to a trampoline. Sure, trampolines are fun, but they're nothing compared to a dog. I agree, but if I could, I'd get both, that way I could bounce on the trampoline with my dog.

Why was the trampoline invented?

Because we needed something to do! So we could jump and have fun!!

Does water on a trampoline effect your bounce?

It sure does! Water on your trampoline is one of the best ways of getting it not bouncy anymore. ALWAYS bounce on your trampoline when it's dry, not when it's raining/hailing/wet/fall leaves on it. Fall leaves can also affect your trampoline, (only when your jumping on it.) Just remember, when your springs get stretched, they can never be un-stretched again, and when they are stretched, your trampoline is barely bounce anymore. ~Splitz.monkey13~

When you bounce what else bounces?

When you bounce there are many things that bounce. It could be your belly, hair, and chest or if you have something in your hand it could also bounce all depending on the shape of your body.

Can you lose 67 pounds in week on a trampoline?

No, you could not lose 67 pounds in week on a trampoline.

What to do outside when your by yourself at your house?

if you have a trampoline you could go on the trampoline and if you have a pool than you can go in the pool or you could do things like go for a jog or walk with an ipod

Does Trampboarding do any damage to your trampoline?

If by trampboarding you mean using a skateboard deck on a trampoline then no. It very well could if the wheels were attatched, but generally using only the deck will not harm the trampoline.

What is jump instruction?

That could be trampoline, or skydiving...

Why was Ohio a safe place for runaway slaves?

there were (still are) tunnels underneath Lake Erie so if they needed to escape to Canada they could

Where could you buy a trampoline?


What is the song that says bounce bounce bounce in the club?

If you tell more of the lyrics then I could help you but since that is very little I can't really help you.

How do you fall off a trampoline?


Do penguins bounce or jump?

Neither. Penguins sort of waddle i guess you could say. They do not jump or bounce.

Could a trampoline weigh more than an RV?

Not a practical one

What are good trampoline science fair projects?

See what or who can jump higher,an animal or a human. Your hypothesis: "I think a human will jump higher,"or,"I think the animal will jump higher,".You could also test it out if you have a trampoline and an animal that will possibly let you set it on a trampoline ;^).

Where is it possible to purchase a Jumpsport trampoline?

Jumpsport trampolines are said to be the safest trampolines in the world. One could purchase them from the Jumpsport trampolines' own website. There are all the Jumpsport trampoline models available, and lots of trampoline accessories and spare parts too.

What are some trampoline games?

Hi, Well... its not a game but you can put a sprinkler or hose under a trampoline on a hot day. put bouncy balls on a netted tramp, and try not to get hit by them when you bounce. play circus and put shows on for your family friends pets (haha) etc. try tricks like spreading your legs apart in the air,doing a bounce on your bum, then knees, then on feet, etc. snake, use a jump rope and wiggle it on the trampoline and try to jump over. if you get over bring the rope a Lil' bit higher each time. if you get hit by the rope your out... snake bite :( ( do not bring the rope too high could cause accidental injury) Hope This Helps. -Me

What are the risks of using a trampoline?

some of the risks of using a trampoline are: 1. your child could get injured by landing wrong. 2. they could fall of if there is not a net surrounding the trampoline 3. if you have a dog go under the trampoline while they're bouncing the dog may get hurt. 4. if you live in an area where the wind is very strong you will need to fasten your trampoline down or it could be blown away. 5. if you put the trampoline in the grass you will have to move it to be able to mow under it. the good things about it are: 1. a good source of exercise 2. if you're kid has a video game problem it will get them outside ( trust me, i have brothers) You could possibly severely injure yourself or other could get injured if you're not careful.

Is there an online classified site where I can announce my trampoline for sale?

A couple of websites that could be used to announce a trampoline for sale would be Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. YouTube could be used to host a video announcing to people what is available for sale and how it could be sold. The video could be posted many forums or websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Where can one advertise a trampoline for sale in London?

One could advertise a trampoline for sale in London through the "London Evening Standard" classifieds, Time Out London, This Is Local London, or Craigslist.

What shape of trampoline is best for tumbling?

Well I tumble at my gym and its a thin rectangular trampoline tumble track. So something like that would probally be best! Hope I could help.

Can I put a water trampoline in my swimming pool?

I would not suggest a water trampoline for your home swimming pool. You can not control the trajectory when you jump and injuries could be caused if you strike the pool skirt.

What can you do on a trampoline alone?

To get your family’s creative juices flowing, here are some ways we recently had a blast on our new trampoline. If you try something new on a trampoline, snap a picture and share it with us.1. Outdoor Ball PitA trampoline is fun on all on its own. Add water, stuffed animals, balloons or balls and it is a total blast. Our kids loved this impromptu ball pit. They made a game out of seeing if they could jump hard enough to shoot the balls out of the trampoline. Our daughter succeeded a few times (and thoroughly tired herself out).trampoline ball pit2. Stuffed Animal EscapeWe put a few stuffed animals in with our kids and encouraged them to try jumping without being “tagged” by one of their bouncing stuffed animals. The kids added more and more stuffed animals to increase the challenge. Eventually, it became a ball pit of stuffed animals.trampoline stuffed animal escape web3. Sprinkler Underneath the TrampThis is an oldie but a goodie, especially in the summertime. This kept our daughter entertained for long enough for screen-free dad to kindly suggest we have used enough water for the day. The Skybound Atmos trampoline is perfect for this since it doesn’t sit too high off the ground. The sprinkler does a great job spraying up through the mat which makes a fun mist while the kids jump.sprinkler underneath trampoline web4. Light it UpOur daughter loved cuddling up in a blanket with her favorite stuffed animals in the trampoline. She had all the joy of being outside at night without any of the itchy grass or bugs. We let her stay up later than usual and did her story time on the trampoline. Naturally, she now drags her stuffed animals out there during the day to run her own story time operation.trampoline lit up at night5. Make Your Own TwisterBecause sidewalk chalk works so well on the trampoline surface, you can create games right on the trampoline. Twister is a great childhood classic game. It’s even more fun on the trampoline since falling is more fun and less hurt.

Can two people jump in a 10ft trampoline?

Technically 20 people could jump on a trampoline. However for safety reasons Trampoline Manufactures do not recommend having more than one person on a trampoline at one time. Injury statistics on trampolines show that 88% of injuries happen when there are multiple jumpers. Since your trampoline is only 10ft, which is relatively small, I would not recommend it. nO, YOU CAN BUT YOU SHOULD NOT. and please don't flip on it it's to small to be doing that stuff...>

How could I launch myself 4 or 5 feet into the air safely?

Use a trampoline.