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Yes, they all wear clog boots.

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Q: Could you tell all the Dutch players have scored in the premier league?
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Which two Players who have scored in first sixteen seasons of English premier league?

could be Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed.

What American player has scored the most premier league points?

It could be McBride of Fulham.

How many goals were scored in 2007 2008 premier league?

i recommend: is very informative and explains the answer to your question better than i could. i you. :)

How can you find more information about Premier League Snooker?

To find more information about Premier League Snooker, one could visit the World Snooker website. Sky Sports will also have information on Premier League Snooker.

Is Torres better than Rooney at football?

The answer would be down to personal opinion to be honest.Last season ( 2007 - 2008 ) Fernando Torres scored 33goals in 46 games ( Goals from the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League).Also last season ( 2007 - 2008 ) Wayne Rooney scored 18goals in 43 games ( Goals from the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League).Theoretically you could say Torres is a better player, although it may just have been a better season from the Spaniaird.Although so far this season ( 2008 - 2009 ) Torres has scored 5 goals in 16 games, with Rooney scoring 10goals in 23 games.Both players debuted for their international teams in 2003 respectively. Wayne Rooney has scored 19 goals in 48games. Torres has scored 18 goals in 58 games.There isn't alot in the two players personally. It would be a close call, it would come down to personal opinion.all though in all Torres is much * invinerty better!!

Where can one find Premier League Football results?

One can find Premier League Football results from Premiere League's website. One could also visit BBC's site, as well as Yahoo Sports or The Telegraph.

Where could one access the best Premier league football picks for free?

Someone could access the best Premier league football picks for free on different online retailers to look at the specifications of it, but they are not given away free.

What is the maximum of points that a team could possibly get at the end of the premier league season?


Which soccer league is better the Barclay's premier leaguen or la liga?

My view is that it is the Spanish La Liga , as they have more famous and talented players. The reason could be as England charge a great deal of tax on the players. So the best go to Italy and Spain.

Where might one regularly find results for the premier league posted?

To find the premier league scores you could watch the sports news and they would list it in their ticker. You could also watch BBC or go online to the BBC website.

Is there a good Premier League predictor where you can work out what the table could look like over and over again?

There is no single Premier League predictor or code that would allow you to work out how the table would look like over and over again, as the league progresses.

What season did Alan shearer score the most premier league goals?

The year could be 1995 with Blackburn rovers.

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