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He is not really dead! It is just a storyline

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โˆ™ 2010-06-07 13:06:47
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Q: Could you see a pick at undertaker dead?
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How did the undertaker come back alive?

He is the living dead you see, his nickname is The DeadMan and you cannot kill someone who is already dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did The Undertaker get injured?

Yes, in the match against Rey Mysterio you could see blood coming out of his nose. Due to this injury, a new storyline has been made saying that Undertaker was attacked and he won't be able to rise from the dead this time. His brother Kane has to investigate this attack and find out who did it.

Is masked Kane still the real Kane?

Yes it is. People were saying it was Undertaker. Don't see how it could be, seeing as how Undertaker has visible tattoos on his arms.

Could you see left eyes dead body?


What do I do if I see dead things?

if you see a dead person call the police or ambulance but if you see a dead cat or bird or just any animal just walk past the animal could have a disease

How can a crow die?

It can die by a violence, sickness , and its elderly age. If you see a dead crow, please do not pick it up

How much is the undertaker on?

i am not sure i think he is about 43 and i think di you see the last time when undertaker wone

Do Undertaker Still See Him Two Daughters?

Of course he does

Is the undertaker free mason?

Yes the undertaker is freemason,as you can see he is cold blooded and says his father is the devil itself

Is undertaker is really a deadman?

No, he's not. He lost a buried alive match against Kane and Kane told everyone he was dead but he really wasn't. HE IS THE BEST DEAD OR ALIVE AND I DON'T SEE ANYONE TAKING THE WORLD TITLE FROM HIM UNTIL HE IS READY TO GIVE IT UP FOR GOODof course not. WWE is entertainment and the Undertaker is one of the entertainers.

Can you see a video of the undertaker and Kane were kids?

yea just go to to youtube and type wrestlers when they were kids-undertaker and Kane

What is the name of the movie where the boy could see dead people?

The Sixth Sense

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