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(whatever your colors are) we are on the prowl mcguffey raiders the best team around elctrifying talent we cant be beat our teams on fire you cant take the heat so sit back and take notice as we dominate this floor mcg raiders team you adore

Score Score Score

Lions let's score

We want you out the door! x2

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Q: Could you give me some halftime floor cheers for basketball?
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In college basketball after a coach is ejected before halftime can he address his team during halftime?

Yes. Being ejected from the game means you must leave the floor area and not participate in the game as it is being played. There is no rule stating that a disqualified coach cannot address his team at halftime. Chances are the Stanford coach (2008 NCAA March Madness) was watching the game on TV in the locker room and knew what was going on in the game and had his halftime instructions prepared when the team entered the locker room.

Could you play basketball in space?

No, since there is really no 'floor' in space. That would be awesome if you could, though.

Are there springs in a basketball floor?

no there are not.

Which ball will hit the floor faster a basketball a football or a soccerball?


ON a basketball team who leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score?

ON a basketball team the coach leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score

How is the height of a basketball player related to dribbling the basketball?

The taller the basketball player the longer it will take for the ball to hit the floor. The stronger he is though, will help the ball not take as long to hit the floor or court.

How many players on the floor on a basketball team?


How high is the hoop for basketball?

It is 10 feet from the floor.

What is the playing surface called where the college basketball semi-finals are played?

the final floor

Which has more kinetic energy a 50 g basketball resting on a chair or a 75 g basketball resting on the floor?

99 bill

How long is a basketball court from the hoop to the floor?

1o feet

What is the ring on the floor under the basket in basketball?

10 foot