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But then what is the explaination for the late period and sore nipples?

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โˆ™ 2012-03-04 07:11:41
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Q: Could you be pregnant please answer by grinding on top of your bf in your underwear and he was in his boxers although he never entered or ejaculated your period seems to be late and sore nipples?
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If you ejaculated on your girlfriends underwear can she get pregnant?

It's possible.

If you had your underwear on and she had nothing on and you pre-ejaculated in underwear could she get pregnant?

Your sperm would not survive in the fabric.

If you were to grind with a girl and you had boxers and pants on and she had tight fitting pants on but had no underwear on can she get pregnant if you ejaculated downwards not near her vagina?


You had your underwear pants and one hankerchief below it and you ejaculated and your girlfriend also had her jeans and underwear are there any chances of pregnancy your underwear and pants got wet?

No. The sperm needs to be in contact with her vagina, unless she was wearing your underwear she is not pregnant.

If you and your girlfriend are grinding with all clothes on and there is a slight spot on your pants can she become pregnant even if she has sweats shorts and underwear on?

maybe did she have a slight spot on her sweat shorts and underwear

Can the girl get pregnant if you had ejaculated on your penis n then she got it on her underwear?

It is highl;y unlikely. her panties would absorb the semen and kill the sperm.

Can you get pregnant while on your fourth day period and the boy ejaculated and you've touched his penis but on your clothes on then you touched your underwear inside without washing your hands?

No your fine.

What is the chance that I could have gotten pregnant from foreplay I had my underwear on the whole time he didn't He ejaculated on my underwear I wiped his mess up 1st then mine with same towel?

It only takes one sperm, so it's unlikely but possible you can get pregnant if one sperm got through.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated in you?

ofcourse you can

Can a girl get pregnant if she was wearing underwear and jeans and her bf ejaculated on her hand while they were both laying on a bed?

Not unless she took that hand and touched herself between her legs with it.

Can you get pregnant if your bf ejaculated on the opening of your vagina?

yes, you can get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculated on your pants?

yes yes

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